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Monster Hunter PSP heads online

New adhocParty service on Tuesday.

This Tuesday, European Monster Hunter Freedom Unite players will finally be able to adventure together online.

No more will you need to rely on three other friends being in the same place at the same time to group and fight the biggest monsters with.

Capcom's adhocParty service simply allows you to play as if on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, more orless. This has been a sorely missed feature for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in the UK, where people generally keep to themselves rather than congregate for a PSP gaming sessions.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is effectively an MMO for PSP. There's a large single-player component that involves killing progressively bigger monsters for better equipment, but the true core of the game lies in multiplayer.

Eurogamer's Dan Pearson spent an eternity playing the game earlier this year in order to deliver his detailed analysis.

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