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iPhone Doom III spin-off imminent

Eight levels, five hours of gameplay.

In addition to Doom Classic, id Software is preparing to release Doom Resurrection for iPhone next week.

According to VentureBeat and Gamasutra interviews, it's based on Doom III but takes place in a different part of the Mars station.

Still a first-person shooter, it uses a tilt-based aiming system rather than tapping (which was too efficient, apparently), and the graphics are downsampled artwork from Doom III. Monsters and weapons should be familiar too.

John Carmack has said that the game has eight levels representing about five hours of gameplay, and runs at 30fps on the latest iPod Touch and a bit slower on older models. It will also take advantage of iPhone 3.0 software features after the 19th June launch of the update.

Doom Resurrection has been developed by Carmack and a six-man team at Escalation Studios, and is not to be confused with Doom Classic (unless you're me, and you're tired).

Look out for our review soon after Doom Resurrection hits the App Store. Check out the first screenshot to see how it's shaping up.