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id iPhone game every other month

Carmack talks up his pet project.

John Carmack has told QuakeCon he believes id Software can release a new iPhone game "every other month" and given examples of the three product lines he envisages.

According to Kotaku, id has identified classics (Wolfenstein 3D, Doom 3D) and RPGs (Wolfenstein RPG - to debut at $4.99) as lines it expects to continue pushing.

The classics line will one day receive Quake II, Quake Arena and perhaps even Doom III, the audience at QuakeCon was told, with talk elsewhere of user-created level support for Wolf 3D and local Wi-Fi multiplayer in Doom 3D.

A third line, focusing on new games, may see a Rage-themed racing game appear on the iPhone at some stage.

id has already released Doom Resurrection - derived from Doom III - to middling reviews, but Carmack's technological expertise is certainly on display there. A forthcoming 1.1 update will introduce a new challenge game mode and a new level to go with it.

id also revealed that the shooter would be discounted to £1.79 / $2.99 throughout QuakeCon, which ends on Sunday. Wolfenstein 3D has also been reduced - to £0.59 / $0.99 - for the show's duration.

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