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Prototype PS3 install bug workaround

Fiddle with your hard disk contents.

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Activision has advised US PlayStation 3 owners who buy Prototype that they may need to free up some space on their hard disk to overcome an installation bug.

"If your PS3 tells you that you have insufficient hard drive space to install, even if you do, you are going to need to change the available space on your hard drive by 700MB," the customer support site explains (thanks Kotaku).

The publisher also said that a patch will be released on PlayStation Network "shortly".

We've asked Activision in the UK whether this will be a problem for those of you buying the game tomorrow in Europe.

If you ask us, it sounds an awful lot like the problem that afflicted Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction nearly two years ago. As we suggested then, you could always download a demo, or delete a few videos, or something like that. You'll figure it out - you're not stupid.

And if you get stuck for what to do while working on that, why not read our Prototype review?

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