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Is Murder Your Maker Prototype 2?

Activision teases a new game.

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What's this Murder Your Maker game Activision has up its sleeve?

It's got a bald man it it, according to a teaser site, and he's looking at a wall of detective-style serial killer clues - there are locations marked and labelled on a map.

The man has a khaki green overcoat on with a red scarf just visible behind the upturned collar. Did I mention that he's bald? You can see his ear, too - one of them! Is this a game about Van Gough? It must be!

The current wave of speculation points to a sequel to superhero game Prototype. And that certainly fits with the evidence: a mutant man searches to globe to find and kill his 'maker'.

Prototype, made by Radical Entertainment and released in June 2009, tells the story of Alex Mercer, a man who has super powers - and can consume people. He doesn't know why, but sets about regaining his memory and getting answers after waking up in a morgue. The plot then goes bonkers, but suffice to say the door was left open for a sequel.

Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell gave Prototype 7/10.

What Murder Your Maker won't be is Bloodhunt - an unrelated hunting game that has already been classified by the Australian ratings board.

We'll know for sure what it is on 11th December 2010 at the Spike TV Video Game Awards. That US-aired television show will also likely confirm what appears to be Mass Effect 3 and a new Resident Evil game.

The story of Prototype.

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