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Third VGA zombie teaser spotted

Case for Prototype 2 gathers strength.

The third in a series of teaser images for a zombie-related videogame set to be unveiled at the Spike Video Game Awards has hit the internet.

"We're here to help," reads the image, which you can see below.

The scrawled message, "Don't ever leave the green zone!" is set against a silhouette of a soldier holding the hand of a young child.

In the bottom right hand corner, "3 of 3."

Image 1 of 3 sparked speculation that a Left 4 Dead game was set to be shown at the VGAs. Image 2 of 3 suggested a Resident Evil game was in the works.

This latest image, however, ties-in with a teaser site that suggested a sequel to 2009 open world superhero game Prototype is about to be announced.

Click to get a better view.

That's because the bottom left hand corner of the image reads, "Murder Your Maker". Late last month Activision launched a teaser site for Murder Your Maker, which showed a bald man looking at a wall of detective-style serial killer clues.

We'll know for sure what it is on 11th December 2010 at the Spike TV Video Game Awards.