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New clue for next BioWare project

MI6 adds to the mystery.

Mass Effect developer BioWare has added to the mystery surrounding its unannounced new game.

Following cryptic hints as to its identity offered earlier this week, another binary string was posted on the developer's Facebook page earlier today. When translated it apparently displays the URL for the British Secret Intelligence Service – otherwise known as MI6.

The first binary code BioWare posted translated as the number 55.845, otherwise known as the atomic weight of iron, while another gave a temperature value of -128.5˚ Fahrenheit. That's the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth (Vostok, Antartica on 21st July 1983).

However, Vostok is also the name of a planetary system in Mass Effect, as well as the name of the first manned spaceflight.

A brief clip also gave us a quick glimpse at a vaguely futuristic-looking soldier type – take a look below.

Any idea what it all means? No us neither, but we'll find out at the annual Spike VGA Awards on 11th December.

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