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Ballmer "sorry" for new Xbox remarks

"I confused the issue," says MS boss.

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer is "sorry" for saying that a new Xbox 360 will be on shop shelves next year.

"I confused the issue with my poorly chosen words," he told IGN. "There is no news in my comments. Things are as reported after E3. Sorry."

Ballmer told a room of suits that a new console with "a natural interface" and built-in camera was on the way. He, as Xbox bigwig Aaron Greenberg said over the weekend, was not talking about new hardware but Project Natal, which looks poised to be bundled with Xbox 360 for an effective console relaunch.

But direct confirmation has yet to be given, allowing developers, analysts and retailers to speculate about what Microsoft is up to. Perhaps not a new console, but one with minor tweaks and improvements?

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