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E3: Wii Fit Plus announced

New exercises, games, custom routines.

Nintendo has surprised virtually nobody by announcing a sequel to Wii Fit called Wii Fit Plus, due for release this autumn both as a standalone disc and bundled with the balance board.

One key feature is the ability to design your own fitness regime, picking and choosing from activities on offer to craft a workout tailored exactly to your needs.

Six new strength and yoga activities have been implemented to keep things spicy. Users can target specific body areas, choose particular activities or sit next to the most attractive person in the gym on the exercise bike and leer suggestively whilst flexing their incredibly dense quads.

Intervals between exercises are now optional too, meaning that continuous programmes of up to 40 minutes can be set up for the athletically minded. For the number-crunchers amongst you, a calorie counter keeps track of just how many fudge bars you've burnt off.

To balance the fitness with a little fun, 15 new balance games are on board, including "Perfect 10", which involves swinging your hips into number-sporting mushrooms to create a total of 10, as well as a Krypton Factor-style assault course which will "put you in the shoes of Mario". Although not literally. Nor even figuratively, as you'll compete as your Mii instead.

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