July 2012 Archive

    1. Free word-based metroidvania ASCIIvania is really clever
    2. Two-button fighting game Divekick finds publisher, cancels Kickstarter
    3. Skyrim 1.7 update is now available on Steam
    4. Eurogamer.net Podcast #122: 1986-1992 A History
    5. Sony's PlayStation Summer Sale starts tomorrow
    6. Firefall dev "checking out" Ouya, casts doubt on Microsoft and Sony's console future
    7. UK 3DS XL sales total almost 10,000 in one day
    8. Bethesda won't comment on fresh S.T.A.L.K.E.R. acquisition rumour
    9. Excellent iPad puzzler Slydris coming to iPhone, probably not Android
    10. Japan chart: 3DS XL launch a bigger success than DSi or DSi XL
    11. App of the Day: Slydris
    12. Could PEGI combat the inevitable next-gen "the violence is so real!" media outcry?
    13. Square Enix supports Ouya: Final Fantasy 3 at launch
    14. Worms Revolution PSN release date, price announced
    15. Trios of PSN games to be bundled on UMD
    16. Sony explains discrepancy between US and EU PlayStation Stores
    17. Sony: "our primary PSN audience is indeed more adult"
    18. The Expendables 2: The Video Game on PC, PSN, XBLA next month
    19. Grand Theft Auto 3 PS2 Classic PSN release date
    20. Sony wants to sell PSN games in UK shops
    21. PSN freebies could hurt new games
    22. New PSN boss: "we're doing what's right for the gamer"
    23. Everybody's Tennis, MotorStorm Arctic Edge "suspended" from PSN
    24. Sony to gift PSN users two free games
    25. The Lag Effect: PSN and Xbox Live Analysed
    26. Sony defends free PSN games offer
    27. Sony extends PSN Welcome Back offer
    28. Shenmue 1, 2 HD to launch on PSN, XBLA - report
    29. Sony's PSN password page exploit
    30. Why Microsoft won't publish PSN firsts
    31. Rez HD coming to PlayStation Network?
    32. PlayStation Network maintenance today
    33. PlayStation Network down all evening
    34. NeoGeo classics hit PlayStation Network
    35. PlayStation Network down all evening
    36. EU PlayStation Network down
    37. Sony turning PlayStation Network online
    38. PlayStation Network online in the UK
    39. PlayStation Network still down in Japan
    40. Japanese PlayStation Network restored
    41. PlayStation Network is down
    42. Darkstalkers heading to PlayStation Network
    43. PlayStation Network offline tomorrow night
    44. Capcom confirms Darkstalkers for PlayStation Network
    45. PlayStation Network offline Thursday evening
    46. Killzone coming to PlayStation Network
    47. PlayStation Network going offline for 12 hours' routine maintenance
    48. The Simpsons Arcade PlayStation Network delayed
    49. PlayStation Network down for maintenance next week
    50. Darkstalkers 3 heading to PlayStation Network
    51. PlayStation Network offline this evening
    52. Hacked PSP games returned to PlayStation Network
    53. BBC Sports app in beta on the PlayStation Network
    54. Sine Mora coming to PlayStation Network
    55. PlayStation Network down, Sony investigating
    56. $99 Android console Ouya is a real thing
    57. $99 Android console Ouya Kickstarter soars over $300K in a few hours
    58. Ouya seeks funding outside Kickstarter - report
    59. Ouya responds to skepticism
    60. Ouya's first exclusive game is a prequel to Human Element
    61. Steam serial key problems with new Batman: Arkham Asylum purchases
    62. Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic DLC rolls out today
    63. Japanese all-female theatre troupe plans Ace Attorney stage show
    64. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 September DLC leaked - report
    65. Maia Preview: Mostly Harmful
    66. Trippy retro shooter Vektropolis dated for December
    67. Twisted Metal's Sweet Tooth alternate endings revealed
    1. Dear Esther's spiritual successor Everybody's Gone to the Rapture detailed
    2. Mutant Blobs Attack Steam in August
    3. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale leak outs characters, stages
    4. Deadlight Review
    5. Ubisoft UPlay has serious security vulnerability
    6. Microsoft's new iPad rival Surface for Windows RT release date
    7. E3 will remain in Los Angeles for next three years
    8. Dead Space 3 Preview: Alone in the Dark
    9. Is cloud gaming the future?
    10. Comics, games and - of course - Watchmen: Dave Gibbons Interview
    11. Can you guess the top 10 UK games brands from 1996 to 2012?
    12. Dragon's Dogma scales reach 1.05 million units
    13. Nintendo 3DS eShop update adds Toki Tori, Theatrhythm DLC
    14. Criterion's Need for Speed: Most Wanted better with Kinect - report
    15. Dead or Alive 5 Preview: Team Ninja Hits Back
    16. Single PEGI age rating system starts today
    1. Loving the Crunch
    2. The Dota 2 Experience, Part Two
    3. The Dota 2 Experience, Part One
    4. Retrospective: Spy vs Spy
    1. Red 5: Copious changes have made Firefall beta "more like Firefall 2"
    2. Digital Foundry vs. The Last of Us
    3. Saturday Soapbox: In Defence of Lollipop Chainsaw
    1. Free survival game Pulse emerges from Vancouver Film School
    2. Super Stickman Golf sequel on the way
    3. Game of Thrones dev announces new strategy title Impire
    4. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger returns
    5. Rhythm shooter Retro/Grade rocks out on PSN next month
    6. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD soars to over 120,000 sales
    7. EA's Battlefield 3 Facebook adverts worked big time
    8. Nintendo 3DS XL UK price round-up
    9. OnLive signs deal with Ouya
    10. Bethesda says "we have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform" 30 days after Xbox 360 release
    11. EA promises to support Battlefield 3 after the release of Battlefield 4
    12. MOBA Guardians of Middle-Earth "isn't necessarily a game for [LOTR] purists"
    13. Farming Simulator ready to plough its way on to PS3 and Xbox 360
    14. Nintendo's History of Hardware Revisions
    15. Watch the Natural Selection 2 Rezzed developer session
    16. PS3 BBC Sports App goes HD as Olympics kick off
    17. Witcher dev CD Projekt Red explains Multiplayer Programmer job ad
    18. Dishonored pre-order bonuses revealed
    19. Knytt Underground coming to PSN and Vita
    20. Gran Turismo 6 on PS4? Yamauchi "aiming for the latest technology"
    21. Orcs Must Die! 2 Review
    22. First Battlefield 3 Aftermath details, concept art revealed
    23. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition release date, price announced
    24. Mojang was collaborating on a now cancelled first-person shooter
    25. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron demo due next week
    1. Irrational Games job ad lists 85+ Metacritic score as a requirement
    2. Skylanders Giants release date set for October
    3. Slender: Source mod on the way
    4. Spy Vs. Spy slinks onto iOS today
    5. Microsoft to launch new Xbox Live dashboard beta
    6. Final Fantasy 14 Version 2.0 becomes FF14: A Realm Reborn
    7. Pop-up PR agency founded for college leavers
    8. Rift dev Trion and Crytek confirm plans to bring F2P FPS Warface to the West
    9. New Dishonored trailer shows off Daring Escapes
    10. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 release date fired back into 2013
    11. Crysis 3 single-player trailer asks: stealth or armour?
    12. Assassin's Creed 3 multiplayer story hinted at in trailer
    13. Just Cause 2 still going strong as dev questions value of "crap" DLC and forced multiplayer
    14. Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360: explanation, pictures, sounds
    15. World record Portal speedrun completed in 8 minutes
    16. Ubisoft's Rezzed developer sessions: Ghost Recon Online and ShootMania Storm
    17. Manic Miner 360: Revisiting a Classic
    18. Gabe Newell calls Windows 8 "a catastrophe"
    19. Razer's flashy new ambidextrous Ouroboros mouse costs €129.99
    20. FarmVille maker Zynga hits out at Facebook as shares plummet
    21. Sony shows off fancy new PlanetSide 2 CGI trailer as beta nears
    22. Over 20,000 tickets sold for Eurogamer Expo so far
    23. Stardock to ditch boxed releases after Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion digital success
    24. Minecraft reviewed by US late night talk show host Conan O'Brien
    25. Microsoft shuts down Microsoft Flight development
    26. Trading Host: Are Tablets Transforming Card Games?
    27. XCOM: Enemy Unknown release date
    1. Big Fish takes to the cloud with Big Fish Unlimited
    2. Puzzle Quest developer hints at more games in the series
    3. Quantum Conundrum DLC The Desmond Debacle and IKE-aramba! detailed
    4. Payday: The Heist's free Left 4 Dead map is out now on Steam
    5. Sleeping Dogs has a Just Cause 2 clothes set for those with a Just Cause 2 save file
    6. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron multiplayer trailer shows robots going at it
    7. Kirby conquers Japan chart, hustles Pokémon into second
    8. Darksiders 2 trailer uncovers in-game footage
    9. Steam hardware survey shows rise in lower-end PCs
    10. Tribes: Ascend Twinfusor update goes live
    11. Worms Collection announced for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
    12. Shadowrun Online Kickstarter adds Guild Wars-style pay model
    13. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes on EU PlayStation Store this week
    14. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria release date
    15. Sony announces Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition
    16. App Of The Day: Avadon: The Black Fortress
    17. FIFA 13 trailer shows new Man City home kit
    18. Mad Catz announces multiplayer flight sim Combat Pilot
    19. Super Street Fighter 4 PC patch 1.07 to hit Steam by end of July
    20. Pokémon Conquest Review
    21. Japanese government to investigate reports of PlayStation Vitas burning up
    22. Activision slapped over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 TV ad
    23. Nintendo: 3DS profitability "improving" despite overall losses
    24. Chris Avellone "very tempted" to do a Planescape: Torment Kickstarter
    25. Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream DLC hits PC, Mac, delayed on Xbox 360
    26. Company of Heroes 2's dynamic weather system will freeze your ass off
    27. EA removing Rock Band iOS games next week
    28. The Walking Dead: Episode One shuffles to iOS this Thursday
    29. Cloudbuilt is a stylish third-person, cel-shaded parkour game
    30. Final Fantasy creator's iOS surfing game is out now
    1. ToeJam & Earl rerelease on PS3 - report
    2. Haunting Ground coming to PS3 - report
    3. Indie Royale's new July Jubilee bundle announced
    4. 2D platformer Chester free until tomorrow night to gain fans for Steam Greenlight
    5. Eurogamer.net Podcast #121: One Of Us Is Wearing A Hat
    6. ArmA 2 1.62 patch notes: improves DayZ stability
    7. Nike+ Kinect Training release date announced
    8. Need for Speed World MMO is two years old
    9. Google Nexus 7 Review
    10. Resistance dev's Outernauts launches on Facebook
    11. Why Half-Life 2 City 17 creator Viktor Antonov left Valve
    12. New PES 2013 video shows off Player ID system
    13. Rezzed: Eurogamer's filmed walkabout of the show
    14. THQ recovery continues: stock safe on NASDAQ
    15. Torchlight 2 dev explains what's taking so long
    16. Dyad Review
    17. Konami opens London studio to help make PES "fresh and exciting"
    18. Randy Pitchford "astonished" at lack of Borderlands rip-off
    19. PSN scheduled maintenance set for Thursday evening
    20. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Ni no Kuni playable at Eurogamer Expo
    21. Apple deploys quick-fix for in-app purchases hack
    22. Ubisoft Wii U offering not a "huge investment"
    23. Blizzard issues hotfix for Diablo 3 invulnerable Wizard exploit
    24. Android piracy "unbelievably high", says Dead Trigger dev
    25. The Dota 2 Experience, Part Three
    26. Curt Schilling: 38 Studios' MMO Project Copernicus "wasn't fun"
    27. Final Fantasy Versus 13 still alive, Square Enix confirms
    28. The Critical Path features loads of mini-interviews with your favourite game designers
    29. Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 3 has free DLC on the way
    1. Skyrim beta update 1.7 now on Steam
    2. Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings announced.
    3. Manos: The Hands of Fate game due this week on iOS
    4. Torchlight 2 is roughly four times the size of Torchlight
    5. Ir/rational Redux: a puzzler unlike anything you've played before
    6. Wreckateer Review
    7. Super-slim PS3 announcement to miss Gamescom - report
    8. Nintendo: 3DS XL pixel size increase won't look "awkward"
    9. Does FIFA copy PES? EA execs respond to Konami accusations
    10. Awesomenauts console patch now live
    11. Next generation's big challenge will be connectivity says WipEout creators
    12. Dance Central 3 release date ushered in
    13. NASA launches Portal 2 character into orbit
    14. Uniloc founder hits back after Minecraft fans vent fury in "disgusting" emails
    15. Silent: Hill Downpour dev Vatra Games in danger of closure
    16. Green Man Gaming to sell boxed PC and console games
    17. Project Holodeck aims to make Star Trek gaming a reality
    18. World of Warplanes Preview: Shooting the Breeze
    19. Ubisoft creating dedicated Assassin's Creed 3 DLC dev team
    20. "Software patent troll" sues Mojang over Android version of Minecraft
    21. Ubisoft: "we have been penalised by the lack of new consoles"
    22. Planet Crashers, Kirby's Pinball Land on 3DS eShop this week
    23. Wasteland 2 early screenshot released
    24. Diablo 3 exploit makes wizards invulnerable
    25. FIFA 13 Kinect video shows off voice commands
    26. FIFA 13 Preview: "The referee's a w*nker!"
    1. Retrospective: Half-Life 2 Episodes 1 & 2
    2. App of the Day: Astronot
    3. The Best £100 Graphics Card: Radeon HD 6870 Review
    4. Introducing the Digital Foundry PC
    1. Digital Foundry vs. PS2 Classics on PlayStation 3
    2. WipEout HD/Fury Vita Review
    3. Saturday Soapbox: Whatever Happened to the Working Class Hero?
    4. Ubisoft intends to rid Assassin's Creed of Desmond... eventually
    5. Motorstorm Pacific Rift and Arctic Edge shutting down servers
    1. Itagaki's Devil's Third back on track via joint-deal with Doobic
    2. Microsoft responds to Polytron's claims that fixing Fez would be too costly
    3. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance tutorial teaches us how to slice clothing off women
    4. Steam Summer Sale Day 9: Deus Ex machina
    5. Beck composing three songs for Sound Shapes
    6. Deadpool scribe Daniel Way penning the game
    7. Jet Set Radio HD also for iOS, Android tablets and phones
    8. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition notches up 3 million sales
    9. Nintendo's Iwata: "we just do not care what kind of 'more beef' console Microsoft and Sony might produce"
    10. Fake Dishonored movie trailer praised by game's creator
    11. Unlock special Porygon in Pokémon Black and White
    12. Lost Humanity 4: Dark Souls: The Movie
    13. Dead Space 3 gained co-op because gamers didn't fancy facing scares alone
    14. "It's been a poor, poor five years for fiction in the video game industry"
    15. DayZ doppleganger The War Z announced
    16. God of War: Ascension dev "pulled back" from including violence against women
    17. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Review
    18. Ex-Bizarre devs revive Dreamcast cult classic Fur Fighters on iPad
    19. Final Fantasy Versus 13 canned - report
    20. Gaikai and Sony: Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr David Perry
    21. Eurogamer.net Podcast #119: Rezzed Erected
    22. Rally racer WRC3 release date confirmed
    23. Microsoft sets a Q4 record with $18.06 billion in revenue
    24. Ubisoft's quarterly sales rise 27.2 per cent over last year
    1. EA joins coalition opposing the Defense of Marriage Act
    2. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch special edition gets more goodies based on number of pre-orders
    3. Steam Summer Sale Day 8: Now it's just getting scary
    4. MotoHeroz and Rabbids iOS free for 48 hours
    5. Wizorb coming to PS Minis next week
    6. Eurogamer.net Podcast #120: Summer Drought Quiz
    7. Chilling Resident Evil 6 gameplay trailers send in the hounds
    8. Rewrite the record books, RuneScape has passed 200 million registered users
    9. Sleeping Dogs combat beefed up by MMA star Georges St-Pierre
    10. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
    11. LittleBigPlanet Karting beta open to Plus members
    12. Explosive Battlefield 3 Armored Kill trailer offers first glimpse at gameplay
    13. Diablo 3: the state of play two months after launch
    14. PES 2013 demo release date announced
    15. Capcom announces official Street Fighter live action series
    16. Peripheral maker Mad Catz publishing new WW2 flying game
    17. These Turtle Beach COD: Black Ops 2 headphones cost £300
    18. Windows 8 release date announced
    19. Valve Interview: Gabe Newell Isn't The Boss of Me
    20. EA's Fight Night team will make the new UFC game
    21. The Other Mass Effect 3: The Game You Didn't Play
    22. Shadowrun Online turns to Kickstarter
    23. Yakuza 1 and 2 HD Edition trailer shows off new graphics
    24. Save corrupting Fez patch back online
    25. Foosball 2012 kicks off on PS3 and Vita next week
    1. Ratchet & Clank: QForce will have tower defense elements
    2. The Laugh Factory gets a channel on PS3
    3. Tokyo Jungle is now a manga
    4. Steam Summer Sale Day 7: Saint's Row: The Third over a third off
    5. Microsoft beefs up Xbox Live security
    6. Puddle gets dated for Vita in early August
    7. Double Dragon Neon PSN, XBLA release date
    8. Ex-Gears of War designer announces mobile game Lili
    9. Pokémon Black and White 2 still bossing Japanese charts
    10. Rock Band Blitz release date announced
    11. Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, NASCAR 2011 and Mass Effect 3 DLC hit PlayStation Store
    12. CSR Racing dev defends controversial in-app purchases
    13. "Exclusive" Battlefield 4 beta will not be exclusive to Medal of Honor: Warfighter
    14. PeterMolydeux asks: what's inside the cube?
    15. 70% of DC Universe Online users on PlayStation 3
    16. Yakuza 1 and 2 HD Edition confirmed for PS3
    17. Assassin's Creed 3's Alex Hutchinson: Stranger In a Strange Land
    18. How is PS Vita doing in Japan?
    19. 18-year-old dies after playing Diablo 3 for 40 hours straight
    20. David Beckham unveils online Blind Football game for Sainsbury's/Channel 4
    21. Assassin's Creed 3 Freedom Edition swag detailed
    22. Naughty Dog unveils "massive" Uncharted 3 patch 1.13
    23. Stunning Grand Theft Auto 4 graphics mod iCEnhancer releases final build
    24. Hollywood's Sam Raimi not directing World of Warcraft movie any longer
    25. Gunlord Review
    26. World War Z videogame on Z way? - report
    27. The Old Republic producer leaves BioWare
    28. Portal Lego set goes into review
    1. New Yakuza 5 characters revealed
    2. Steam Sale Day 6: The Dark Knight Strikes Again
    3. Puzzle/platformer Puddle spills onto Vita
    4. Diablo 3 brings back game limits
    5. Bad Dudes 2 could be a reality via Kickstarter
    6. Free Kinect game Mars Rover Landing from NASA
    7. HMV store advertises 3DS XL with second Circle Pad using internet mock-up
    8. David Perry "sure" a new Earthworm Jim will be made
    9. Resident Evil 6 trailer aims to scare
    10. FPS games like Quake 3 died because consoles competed with movies
    11. The entire E3 Metro: Last Light demo on video
    12. PlanetSide 2 Preview: Tomorrow's Shooter, Today
    13. Next iPhone will have ultra-thin screen - report
    14. DICE: Battlefield 3 story "is still just the beginning"
    15. Skulls of the Shogun Preview: Turn-Based Terror
    16. EA announces Battlefield 4 with Medal of Honor pre-order bonus
    17. Battlefield 4 beta access an Origin pre-order bonus for MOH Warfighter
    18. Lara Croft: Guardian of Light, Saints Row 2 free on PlayStation Plus
    19. App of the Day: Gauge
    20. New PES 2013 gameplay trailer recreates the goals of Euro 2012
    21. Ian Livingstone returns to Fighting Fantasy with Blood of the Zombies
    22. EA previews "landmark update" Origin 9.0, which is days away
    23. Resident Evil 6 ESRB rating details nude "human-spider" boss lady
    24. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light hits Android as Sony Xperia exclusive
    25. Epic-Scents: How a fragrance company intends to capture the essence of videogame characters
    26. Gollum out-damages Gandalf in MOBA game Guardians of Middle-Earth
    27. Now you can control Xbox 360 through iPad
    28. BioWare's CGI introduction to SWTOR companion HK-51
    29. Kojima silences Metal Gear Solid 5 Comic-Con rumours
    30. Steam and Left 4 Dead 2 coming to Linux
    31. Leaked Medal of Honor: Warfighter alpha footage shows x-ray vision
    32. Italian first-person horror game Anna looks awful spooky
    33. Free sadistic platformer I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden is out now
    1. Steam Summer Sale day 5: The battle of willpower rages on with Rage
    2. Limbo was nearly a PSN exclusive
    3. Awesomenauts PC release confirmed
    4. Will Bohemia help Dean "Rocket" Hall build a standalone DayZ game or not?
    5. PC phenomenon DayZ hits 500,000 players milestone
    6. Watch Dean "Rocket" Hall's huge Rezzed Q&A for DayZ
    7. Just how popular is DayZ?
    8. Pre-order Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for over 100 swimsuits
    9. DayZ designer Dean "Rocket" Hall to speak at Rezzed
    10. DayZ hackers slapped with global bans
    11. DayZ servers infected by botnet security breach
    12. The Future of DayZ
    13. DayZ: The Best Zombie Game Ever Made?
    14. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD announced
    15. Machinarium PS Vita spotted
    16. Need for Speed: Most Wanted pre-order bonuses detailed
    17. Dating site for gamers launches Shag a Gamer in UK
    18. Re-Volt revived by ex-Split/Second, Pure dev
    19. iOS hack allows free in-app purchases
    20. Persona 4 Arena Preview: Back to School
    21. Mega Man and Pac-Man never coming to Street Fighter x Tekken Xbox 360
    22. Wreck-It Ralph in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
    23. How many weapons are in Borderlands 2?
    24. UK chart: Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes top for fourth week
    25. Wario Land 2 on Nintendo 3DS eShop this week
    26. The Last of Us footage debuts new character, impressive mo-cap
    27. Sega makes Sonic Adventure 2 XBLA and PSN official
    28. Translucent Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 costs £269.99
    29. Deadpool game from Transformers dev announced
    30. Cole, Jak and Daxter join PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
    1. The £50 Android Tablet Experience
    2. Retrospective: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
    1. Can SmartGlass Change Gaming?
    2. Saturday Soapbox: The Trouble with Ouya
    3. Epic Mickey 2 intro cinematic revealed
    4. A new PS3 model in the works - report
    1. Gears of War: Judgment release date confirmed for March
    2. PAX 10 selection revealed
    3. Pendulo Studios crowdsourcing "satire with a conscience" Day One
    4. Steam Summer Sale continues with new daily deals
    5. Minecraft 1.7.3 update is out now
    6. The Secret World Review
    7. Zone of the Enders HD Collection trailer mixes cel-shaded action and J-pop
    8. Duke Nukem Forever: A Discussion with Randy Pitchford
    9. Gone Home creator on the rise of non-combat first-person games
    10. Call of Duty Elite Xbox 360, PS3 July content drops detailed
    11. EA "would love" to publish Kingdoms of Amalur 2
    12. Yakuza 1 and 2 HD Edition outed by Sega release schedule
    13. The Secret World's first monthly update detailed
    14. Beyond: Two Souls footage shows Ellen Page, co-stars
    15. Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Review
    16. Father blames Microsoft as son spends £1150 on Xbox Live
    17. Assassin's Creed 3 co-op mode Wolf Pack revealed
    18. Borderlands 2 Badass system has infinite levels of progression
    19. The Indie Stone to use Greenlight to get Project Zomboid on Steam
    20. Resident Evil 6 screen-tear woes "being worked on"
    21. Mass Effect 3 anime prequel gets trailer
    22. First Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms MMO trailer released
    23. Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 console makes noises
    24. Codemasters announces F1 Race Stars
    25. Earth Defense Forces 4 announced
    26. Bust Gothic 4 dev Spellbound re-emerges as Black Forest Games
    27. Animated Man: Warren Spector Profile
    28. Nintendo: 3DS XL not big enough to fit second circle pad
    29. FIFA 13 video: Arsenal's new purple away kit revealed
    30. Fortnite to debut Unreal Engine 4
    31. EA BioWare announces Ultima Forever
    32. Grand Theft Auto 5: new screenshots surface
    33. Hitman: Absolution 17 minute dev walkthrough
    34. Introducing Hello Games
    35. Dyad dated for PSN
    36. 3DS has sold five million units in the US
    1. Minecraft 360 and Trials Evolution get free Summer of Arcade content
    2. Anomaly Warzone Earth comes to PS3 this Summer
    3. Steam Summer Sale is now live
    4. Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs slips into 2013
    5. Perry: Gaikai should be added to current generation of Sony consoles and PlayStation 4
    6. Angry Birds Trilogy for Kinect, PS Move, 3DS later this year
    7. Borderlands 2 footage features creatures
    8. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed release date
    9. Papo & Yo release date announced
    10. John Carmack on Virtual Reality - Uncut
    11. Mirror's Edge writer Rhianna Pratchett announced as Tomb Raider lead writer
    12. Valve on Valve Time: "It's charming. It's kind of a compliment."
    13. Gaikai's David Perry intends to push for core-focused console within Sony
    14. App of the Day: Scotland Yard: The Hunt for Mr X
    15. We have 500 Guild Wars 2 beta keys
    16. Arena battler Spartacus Legends announced
    17. Metal Gear Solid 4 patch to add Trophy support
    18. Metal Gear Solid 4 getting full install support
    19. Valve hires Far Cry 2, Splinter Cell VIP Clint Hocking
    20. Apple Jack 2 Review
    21. Gorgeous cel-shaded adventure Hoodwink is out now
    1. Max Payne 3 cheaters quarantined to fight among themselves
    2. Japan Chart: Anarchy Reigns fails to reign
    3. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Arctic Strike DLC coming 17th July
    4. Forza Horizon pre-orders bonuses revealed
    5. Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation trailer makes the Big Easy look easy
    6. Tiny Wings "sequel" is a free update
    7. The Witcher series sells over four million copies
    8. Seller awaiting payment for $1.32m Ebay game collection
    9. Lost Humanity 3: My Dream Boss
    10. Lionhead: Project Milo existed before "we'd even heard of Kinect"
    11. Batman: Arkham City follow-up to be next-gen Justice League prequel - report
    12. Rezzed Sessions: Why Subversion sucked and Prison Architect won't
    13. EyeToy Kama Sutra - the game Sony rejected
    14. Quantum Conundrum on EU PlayStation Store today
    15. Valve counters EA's Steam sales "cheapen intellectual property" accusation
    16. Silent Hill HD Collection finally gets PS3 patch
    17. Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.3b live in Europe
    18. Project Zero 2 Wii Edition Review
    19. BioWare Mythic: "the key" to next-gen console success will be migrating community
    20. Konami's Eurogamer Expo line-up includes Metal Gear Rising and PES 2013
    21. Kid Icarus: Uprising dev Project Sora disbands
    22. Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC blown open
    23. Piranha 3DD, Saw screenwriters sign to God of War film
    24. Halo 4 to support Microsoft Surface tablets
    25. McPixel Review
    26. World of Goo dev's Little Inferno now accepting beta sign-ups
    27. Penny Arcade takes to Kickstarter to go ad-free
    28. Penny Arcade addresses Kickstarter concerns
    1. Star Wars: The Old Republic now free until level 15
    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 theme composed by Trent Reznor
    3. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC confirmed by voice actor
    4. Ex-Bioshock devs The Fullbright Company detail investigation sim Gone Home
    5. PEGI age ratings backed by UK law from 30th July
    6. Burn calories with Xbox 360 dashboard app Kinect PlayFit and earn Achievements
    7. Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC Xbox 360 release date
    8. Namco "not really sure" about putting Tekken characters in Smash Bros. Wii U
    9. Endless Space Review
    10. PES 2013 footage demos new modes
    11. Lara Croft actress: Tomb Raider role "emotionally and physically draining"
    12. Rezzed Sessions: Project Zomboid - How (Not) To Make A Game
    13. Deus Ex movie based on Human Revolution signed by CBS Films
    14. Star Fox dev: Miyamoto "like a slightly more friendly Steve Jobs, but just as cutting"
    15. How "bossless" Valve makes decisions
    16. Valve: Steam Greenlight will create "fandom"
    17. Peter Molyneux: The Future Belongs to the Curious
    18. 38 Studios responds to leaked Kingdoms of Amalur MMO trailer
    19. Ellie Gibson returns to Eurogamer, Oli Welsh becomes Deputy Editor
    20. Square Enix: current generation has been "way too long"
    21. Rockstar closing Max Payne 3 studio in Vancouver
    1. Steam Greenlight to let the community choose what gets accepted
    2. Astounding Game of Thrones recreation in Minecraft
    3. Spy Vs. Spy sneaks onto iOS this Summer
    4. Serious Sam 3 DLC Jewel of the Nile coming in October
    5. Ed McMillen's Basement Collection coming to Steam in August
    6. Windows 8 to launch in late October - report
    7. Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition leaps onto XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare this week
    8. Guild Wars 2 July Beta Weekend Event has playable asura, sylvari races
    9. Activision Leeds' first game to be Pitfall revamp
    10. Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 not dead, has "evolved" - Gearbox
    11. Probably the biggest game collection ever on Ebay sold for $1.32m
    12. Splinter Cell: Blacklist release date leaked - report
    13. AMD Trinity Review
    14. Green Man Gaming merges with Playfire
    15. Phantasy Star Online 2 launches in Europe early 2013
    16. Project Zomboid devs on The Incident: the theft and loss of two months of work
    17. Total War: Rome 2 will deliver "a darker vision of war"
    18. Pitchford would love for an outside developer to create Borderlands 2 Vita
    19. Carmageddon can't match E3's levels of violence - Stainless
    20. How Alcatraz and a chatty taxi driver led to Subversion's death and Prison Architect's birth
    21. The thorny issues of sexual assault and race in Prison Architect
    22. Steam's Summer Sale list leaked
    23. Gamescom rubbishes Grand Theft Auto 5, Valve rumours
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    32. Halo 4's Forge being developed by Certain Affinity
    33. UK Top 40: Lego Batman 2 soars to third number one
    34. Eurogamer Expo announces GAME as retail sponsor
    35. Neal Stephenson's Clang sword fighting game reaches Kickstarter goal
    36. Nintendo announces Sparkle Snapshots 3D for 3DS eShop
    37. New Street Fighter 4 world champion crowned at Evo 2012
    38. App of the Day: Reiner Knizia's Samurai
    39. Game & Wario Preview: Game, Set & Wario?
    1. Metal Gear - 25 Years On
    1. Paul McCartney writing music with Bungie
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    5. Game of the Week: Spelunky
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    15. Apple's European iPhone GOTY Tiny Wings gets a sequel next week
    1. Guardian Heroes dev's brawler Code of Princess likely to see a European release
    2. Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable lets you play as a jetpack wearing gal
    3. Nintendo bringing unified online accounts to Wii U this year
    4. Activision turning The Walking Dead into an FPS
    5. Telltale: "This will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do."
    6. LittleBigPlanet Karting beta "soon", sign-ups now
    7. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale release date set for October
    8. Nintendo slashes prices on 3DS AC adapters by 33 per cent in Japan
    9. Molyneux: $50,000 Curiosity DLC "nothing to be ashamed of"
    10. Sony: retail support crucial for PS4, next Xbox
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    16. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 now set for October
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    18. Persona 4: Arena PS3 and Xbox 360 region locked
    19. MW2 map Terminal hits Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as free DLC
    20. The Human Element will allow players to gather supplies by mucking about in the real world.
    21. Dead State Kickstarter ends, doubles target total
    22. Valhalla plans to launch Devil's Third on digital devices
    23. Walking Dead Episode 3 out middle of August
    24. Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection arrives this Winter
    1. Petition to play as a woman in Aliens: Colonial Marines surpasses goal
    2. Sherlock Holmes 3DS outing Mystery of the Frozen City reveals first screenshots
    3. Battlefield 3's upcoming "Matches" feature aims to organize multiplayer
    4. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron enlists Metroplex
    5. Minecraft getting 40 new character skins as DLC
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    8. Marvel vs. Capcom Origins announced with debut trailer, screens
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    10. Mmm! This PC and indie games show is nearly ready!
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    11. EA: it's "inevitable" we'll become a 100% digital company
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    13. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm DLC on 3DS eShop this week
    14. EU rules publishers cannot stop you reselling your downloaded games
    15. Among The Sleep Preview: They Mostly Come At Night
    16. Resident Evil 6 demo launches for Xbox 360 Dragon's Dogma owners
    17. Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons plans to make new original adventure with Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword developer
    18. Deus Ex: Human Revolution free for PlayStation Plus subscribers
    19. Microsoft secures rights to Xbox 8 domains
    20. Sony buying Gaikai: "It's certainly a move for PlayStation 4"
    21. Halo 4 multiplayer requires an Xbox 360 hard drive or 8GB USB flash drive
    22. PlayStation Vita PS Classics support due this summer
    23. Microsoft's iTunes, Spotify rival Xbox Music out later this year - report
    24. Sony: New racing wheel peripheral has "double the accuracy of a DualShock"
    25. Full Leftfield Collection line-up unveiled for Rezzed
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    27. New Super Smash Bros. won't focus on bigger roster
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