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Green Man Gaming to sell boxed PC and console games

Digital shop makes friends with discs.

Digital shop Green Man Gaming is now selling boxed PC and console games.

It's offering pre-orders on Darksiders 2 or Sleeping Dogs on PC boxed for £19.99 and on console for £29.99 as part of a new sale to mark the expansion. This offer runs from Friday 27th July to Thursday 2nd August.

Other games in the promotion include Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Borderlands 2, Hitman Absolution and Guild Wars 2.

GMG has over 1100 games from 100 publishers available to download. It recently merged with the gaming social network Playfire.

The sale of boxed games will be available in the UK first, but GMG plans to roll out the service elsewhere over time.

GMG boss Paul Sulyok said: "With more than £1.4bn spent annually in the UK alone on boxed games product, we believe there's room for an agile, ambitious E-commerce retailer like GMG to provide this service in the UK and beyond."