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Puddle gets dated for Vita in early August

Rear touch pad controls detailed too.

Puddle is coming to Vita in Europe on 1st August, developer and publisher Neko Entertainment has announced. The US version will arrive a week earlier on 24th July.

Additionally, Neko outlined how the Vita-specific rear touch pad controls would work. In a private e-mail to Eurogamer QA manager Sébastien Chipot-Delys explained, "It is very simple... You put your hands on each side of the PS Vita, and with two fingers, one finger on the right side of the rear touch pad and another one on the left part of the rear touch pad, you press/touch each side to tilt the world, on the right or on the left."

"It is the same way as the "normal" touch screen! (Front)." But we worked on this special aspect of the Vita because we thought the fingers on the front screen could hide the different dangers in the game. With this special feature, we can play the game (I do it by myself and I can assume it is one of the best way to control the game) without hiding anything on screen."

The Vita version of the formerly XBLA and PS3 puzzler will contain an additional 49 levels and gyroscopic motion controls.

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