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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD announced

UPDATE: First images of updated PSone/Dreamcast fighting game.

UPDATE: The first screenshots of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD have now been posted by Capcom. Find them below:

ORIGINAL STORY: Capcom has announced JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD.

It's due out on Xbox Live Arcade (1600 Microsoft Points) and PlayStation Network (€19.99/£15.99/$19.99) on 22nd August.

The 2D fighting game, based on a popular Japanese manga, first launched in arcades in 1999 and was ported to PSone and Dreamcast in 2000. If you don't fancy the new HD visuals, you can play using the classic arcade style appearance with the Arcade SD Mode. This preserves the pixel art seen in the original releases.

Capcom said the game will include a robust set of online features comparable to those in Super Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. You can choose opponents based on location, skill and connection speed. Battle points are earned for characters and player points for individual player strengths. Both push you up the global leaderboards.

There's a new multiplayer lobby system for up to eight players, too. Here, the winner stays on. Lose and you'll have to watch as you wait your turn. You can save replays and share them online.

The HD update is separate to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle, in development for the PlayStation 3 by Asura's Wrath maker CyberConnect2.

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