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Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 console makes noises

Can't think why you wouldn't want one.

Update: Microsoft's responded to Eurogamer, but isn't ready to talk about Halo 4 console yet. "Following the trailer reveal of Forward Unto Dawn at San Diego Comic Con this week, we will have more Halo 4 news to share over the coming days," an MS PR rep told us.

Original story: A garish new Halo 4 Xbox 360 has been spotted, and apparently it makes its own sounds.

Each time you open your disc tray, and each time you turn the console on, you'll hear a (presumably) Halo-themed noise, IGN reported.

There wasn't any detail on what the sounds will be, and Microsoft later pulled down the product listing.

Hot or not?

So, we'll have to guess. Ssssshnk? Vvvvvom? Mrraaowww?

The Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 has a 320GB hard-drive, blue LED lights, two wireless Halo 4 controllers and a bog-standard-looking headset.

The console and controllers are Halo 4 themed with a blue and grey pattern that gives us a headache.

Buyers also get Halo 4 DLC, which includes an armour and weapon skin, an emblem, avatar armour and avatar prop.

The price glimpsed by IGN was $399.99. All that for under $400, eh?

The laser eyes of Digital Foundry analyse the E3 Halo 4 trailer.

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