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Walking Dead Episode 2 out now on EU PS Store

UPDATE: Costs £3.99.

UPDATE: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has added Walking Dead Episode 2 to the EU PlayStation Store.

The game, which requires Episode 1, costs £3.99 / €4.99 and carries an 18 age rating. It weighs in at 811MB.

ORIGINAL STORY: Walking Dead Episode 2 has failed to launch on the European PlayStation Store yet again - sparking more angry complaints from PlayStation 3 owners.

After last week's delay fans had expected the game to launch today alongside the PlayStation Store update, but this did not happen. Now, Eurogamer readers have vented their fury - joining the cacophony of complaints on the PlayStation Blog and social networks.

"Yet still no sign of The Walking Dead Episode 2?!?!" wrote angry Eurogamer reader RevanNL. "F**k you SCEE!"

"SCEE blame Telltale for the lack of Walking Dead. I wonder if every WD episode will now be delayed in Europe?" wondered Cringles88. "I'd expect some sort of gesture of good will also, even a few avatars or some new theme would at least make me think they care."

Responding to demands for an explanation on the PS Blog, Sony's Jawad Ashraf said: "Telltale will announce anything once ready. We're working with them on it but they'd be the ones to comment further. Sorry. I want it just as much you guys so I feel your pain."

So far, developer Telltale and Sony have remained quiet on the reason for the delay. In February this year Sony blamed the disparity between US and European PSN releases on licensing and localisation work.

"Licensing, market and a host of other business and non-business decisions all play a part," Ashraf said. "What is often forgotten is the EU consists of not just one or two countries - it includes a variety (36!), meaning a lot more localising must be done. Certain games also retain licenses only in certain territories or have expired rights.

"There's generally so many factors that can often lead to games being delayed or totally cancelled for specific regions, and sometimes this cannot be helped."

There are also issues around approval and quality assurance. SCEE operates independently of other Sony Computer Entertainment regions, and can decline a game as it is approved elsewhere. Ashraf said there is often a lot of secrecy around when a game is released on the EU PlayStation Store or if it's passed QA because "QA is highly confidential information and we are not permitted to communicate it". Is this what's happened with Walking Dead Episode 2?

Telltale will announce anything once ready. We're working with them on it but they'd be the ones to comment further. Sorry. I want it just as much you guys so I feel your pain - Sony's Jawad Ashraf

Telltale's latest tweet on the matter, published 21 hours ago, read: "We're working with our partners at SCEE to finalise a release date for The Walking Dead: Ep. 2 on PSN EU. We'll update as soon as we can."

The delay is "just part of the process of publishing titles in multiple territories" Telltale PR Alan Johnson tweeted at the end of last month, responding to yet another complaint.

Those European PS3 owners who forked out for a Walking Dead Season Pass are particularly upset. The first episode of The Walking Dead arrived on EU PSN on Wednesday 25th April for £3.99. You were also able to pre-purchase the entire five episode seasons for £15.99 to save money and get an exclusive premium theme.

Now, some of those who bought the entire season up front are calling for their money back.

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