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Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 3 to premiere this year

But how will it tie up Season 2's various endings?

Telltale will debut its third season of The Walking Dead later this year.

The target window was teased in a report by Mashable in which the outlet interviewed Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner about the upcoming zombie apocalypse follow-up.

Without getting into spoilers, it's worth noting that the Walking Dead: Season 2 had multiple endings. Bruner remained adamant that the developer won't simply make one ending canon, nor will it negate every ending in the opening minutes.

"The way that we're dealing with and validating and retaining all those different playthroughs is really cool and unexpected and, I think, pretty innovative from the storytelling point of view," Bruner told Mashable.

He said Season 3 will work as a solid entry point to newcomers, though it will still take choices from previous seasons into account. It will help fresh players "get up to speed really quickly. But it definitely respects, honours and facilitates all of the various end points that Season 2 had," Bruner said.

"From a role-playing, interactive storytelling point of view, it is not from the bag of tricks that we've ever shown anybody before," he added, noting that cloud saves would be used to take previous player choices into account. "We're going to have a solution for everybody that we're not talking about it yet."

Telltale has its work cut out for it as it's still working on the current The Walking Dead: Michonne spin-off, while it's premiering its Batman game this summer and has just announced new episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode.