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Telltale Humble Bundle offers almost studio's entire catalog for $15

The Walking Dead's first season is only $1.

The latest Humble Bundle is Telltale Games themed with almost every title the studio has developed available for a mere $15 (about £11.50). That's a $275 value! Plus the proceeds go to charity.

Pay more than $1 (£0.77) and you'll receive Steam keys for The Walking Dead: Season One, Sam & Max Seasons 1 & 2, Puzzle Agent 1 & 2, Bone, Hector: Badge of Carnage, Telltale Texas Hold'em, and Poker Night at the Inventory.

Offer more than the average, which is currently $7.10 (about £5.44) and you'll also get Tales From the Borderlands, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead: Season 2, The Walking Dead: Michonne, and a 50 per cent off coupon for The Walking Dead: New Frontier (i.e. Season 3).

Some more games will be added to this tier next week, and anyone who pays now will still get codes for the unannounced games once they're made available.

Pledge $15 (about £11.50) or more and Telltale will toss in its Batman series along with all eight episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode's extended first season.

You can decide how much of your proceeds go to Telltale, the Humble Bundle organisers, or a charity of your choice.

This Telltale Humble Bundle is a limited time offer that runs until 1st August at 7pm in the UK.

In other Telltale news, the studio recently confirmed that it doesn't have any immediate plans to continue The Wolf Among Us or Tales From the Borderlands anytime soon. That said, more seasons of Minecraft: Story Mode and Game of Thrones are underway, while its Guardians of the Galaxy series is off to a rousing start.

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