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A "noir-style" Telltale Batman Shadows Edition was announced and then unannounced last week

"This is just the beginning in a much more expansive plan to build on our catalog of Telltale Games titles."

Batman: The Telltale Series is back only this time, it's with a noir twist.

Athlon Games published - and then rapidly unpublished - a press release that announced The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition - Batman: The Telltale Series, a new version of the narrative-driven game with a graphical update and a "sinister new look" "noir-style" makeover.

"Batman: The Telltale Series cast players into the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne in a dark and violent original story and challenges players with discovering the powerful and far-reaching consequences of choice as the Dark Knight," the press release says (thanks, Gematsu). "As Batman, players will encounter classic allies and adversaries, and will learn the true meaning of what it means to be the man behind the cowl as Bruce Wayne."

If you've already got the base game, the new features can be purchased and added-on separately via the "Shadows Mode" DLC for $5. (Related: I completely read that as "Shadow Moses at first and now cannot unsee it).

Though dated 5th December, reports of the withdrawn press release are only just starting to circulate, and while the presser says the game is available "today", it doesn't seem to have been formally announced yet, let alone released on Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam and Epic), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as promised, perhaps intimating plans for the title changed at the eleventh hour.

"We're excited to be able to build and continue the legacy of an iconic Telltale Games franchise by launching The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition today," Telltale Games' CEO Jamie Ottilie said in the press release, presumably before "today" stopped being today.

"This is just the beginning in a much more expansive plan to build on our catalog of Telltale Games titles, which we hope to discuss in further detail in the coming months."

LCG Entertainment bought what remained of Telltale Games back in August, purchasing "the defunct studio's key assets, trademarks, technology, and select intellectual properties with the intent of re-releasing select games from the studio's back catalog and developing new games in some of the company's best-selling brands". Athlon and Telltale partnered up earlier this year to publish five Telltale Games IPs, including Batman: The Telltale Series, Batman: The Enemy Within, and The Wolf Among Us.

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