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Telltale's Batman gets second episode release date

Children of Arkham born later this month.

Telltale's Batman series will continue with its second episode, Children of Arkham, on 20th September.

That date applies to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions of the game. Release dates for other platforms will be announced shortly.

We're also nearing the release date of the series' physical version, which will arrive on disc in Europe on 16th September.

Eurogamer is reserving its full review for when all episodes of Telltale Batman have been released, although Aoife recently cast an appraising eye over its first slice:

"It's certainly possible that the writing will hit its stride now that the awkward reintroductions are out of the way," she wrote, "but as of right now it feels like Telltale's Batman is riding on the coattails, cape and cowl of far greater stories."