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Guild Wars 2 July Beta Weekend Event has playable asura, sylvari races

For the first time.

The munchkin asura and hippy sylvari races will be playable in Guild Wars 2 for the first time on July 20th-22nd - the next Beta Weekend Event.

So far, the betas have been limited to the human, norn and charr playable races.

The sylvari are "plant humanoids" and so live in the woods, where they probably eat leaves. They're a bit like the blue people from Avatar in that they flock around a central Pale Tree - their mother, essentially.

The asura are a bit like the gnomes of World of Warcraft - very high tech and also very small. They have golems, and technomagical power.

You'll be able play asura and sylvari characters to level 20. The asura capital of Rata Sum will be explorable, as will be the sylvari HQ, Grove.

A new Guild-Conquest PVP map will be available as well.

Guild Wars 2 will be released on 28th August. To guarantee entry to the betas, pre-purchase (buy in full) the game.

Guild Wars 2 gets a release date!

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