Guild Wars 2


Key events

18th September 2012

Guild Wars 2 review

6th January 2012

Interesting Sequels of 2012

Guild Wars 2's next story season The Icebrood Saga starts this month

Plus, first expansion now free with Path of Fire.

Guild Wars 2 reveals a second flying mount: a dragon, the Skyscale

"The really cool feature that surprised us all was wall jumping."

Fired Guild Wars 2 writer says she was given no warning

"The whole thing was highly unprofessional."

ArenaNet fires two Guild Wars 2 writers over Twitter exchange with YouTuber

"Their attacks on the community were unacceptable."

Guild Wars 2 new expansion announcement next week

To be set in the Crystal Desert?

FeatureWalking in a giant's footsteps: a father and son story

Through art and Guild Wars, a Romanian family finds the American Dream.

Guild Wars 2 raid screenshots

The ultimate challenge for 10 people.

FeatureArenaNet explains Guild Wars 2 going free, and the addition of raids

"It's a rare opportunity to do it when everything is going really well."

Guild Wars 2 community reacts angrily to Heart of Thorns expansion pricing

UPDATE: A bit of clarification on that ArenaNet statement.

ArenaNet makes example of Guild Wars 2 cheater

Stripped naked, defeated and deleted.

First gameplay of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns World vs. World Desert Borderlands map

UPDATE: Did you miss it? Don't worry. We've got the video here.

Guild Wars 2 getting a first-person camera

And various other options to change your perspective.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion adds new skill mechanics

How they affect the new Revenant class and more.

FeatureGuild Wars 2 will never raise level-cap or add higher-tiered gear

How expansion Heart of Thorns begins an endgame revolution.

Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of Thorns announced

Tackles endgame progression dilemma with something new.

Possible Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of Thorns trademarked

UPDATE: ArenaNet's PAX talk tomorrow, Twitch embed within.

First Guild Wars 2 world championship has $50,000 prize pool

Also: Play it without buying it this week.

Guild Wars 2 is a big hit in China

Worldwide sales effectively double.

Bumper Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack out in April

"A sweeping range of new systems and enhancements."

Guild Wars 2 April 2014 Feature Pack screenshots

More traits! Simplified UI! Horizontal progression.

Guild Wars 2 "the most-updated online world in the industry"

Sales shoot over 3.5m as MMO celebrates first birthday.

FeatureThe story of a raiding guild with a PR but no game

Dedicated, professional and putting in upwards of 25 hours a week, Enigma's a tribe without a home.

Guild Wars 2 crafting rising from 400 to 500

Colin Johanson maps out the rest of 2013.

ArenaNet: Guild Wars 1 "could last forever"

"Even without anybody really touching it."

FeatureHave traditional MMOs had their time?

And what do we make of the shared-world games and MOBAs that have risen up to replace them?

It's unlikely Guild Wars 2 will ever get an expansion pack

Things have changed, ArenaNet explains.

What happened to Guild Wars 2 on console?

"We did experiment..." developer ArenaNet answers.

Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost: The Razing update released with patch notes

New World vs. World progression system and no more culling.

Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost: Prelude update 28th January

Story stuff, achievement changes, new items, guesting and more.

Guild Wars 2 sales are over 3 million

"We now want to raise the bar for what players expect from a live game as well."

ArenaNet holds frank Reddit debate on Guild Wars 2 loot-grind

"Judge us by details and not by making slippery-slope arguments."

First major Guild Wars 2 content patch is Shadow of the Mad King

Coming 22nd October and themed around Halloween.

Borderlands 2 shifts 1.82 million copies in September in US

Guild Wars 2 outsells Mists of Pandaria.

Guild Wars 2 Mac client announced and in beta

Plus: today's scintillating game updates.

Guild Wars 2 review

A new era.

Guild Wars 2 profession balancing: ArenaNet waiting for stability, adopting considered approach

It's the endless MMO debate about which class/profession is best.

FeatureGuild Wars 2: At the Frontlines of World vs. World

Quintin makes a foray into the maddest, meanest feature of Guild Wars 2.

UK chart: Guild Wars 2 top but sells less at retail than SWTOR

Second largest non-Warcraft PC MMO launch.

Guild Wars 2 boss on the current matters that matter

On stolen accounts, overflow, Trading Post, mail, botting, forums.

FeatureGuild Wars 2: The Five Races

Do you know which you should play? Don't make our mistake.

FeatureLost Humanity 10: The New World

Rob Florence reflects on days where you spring to life in a place that's been built for you to discover.

FeatureGuild Wars 2 Head Start Diary

Read through Oli, Tom, Christian, John, Alec and Quintin's adventures in Tyria over the bank holiday weekend.

The Guild Wars 2 servers and launch timings

Asura hope it goes smoothly.

Guild Wars 2: "You will never be at a statistical disadvantage when playing PVP"

Endlessly chasing stronger loot not part of the game.

We have 500 Guild Wars 2 beta keys

Update: we had 500 Guild Wars 2 beta keys.

Guild Wars 2 release date announced

UPDATE: Final Beta Weekend Event dates revealed.

Guild Wars 2 stress test scheduled for next week

All beta subscribers can join in.

Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event date, details

Existing beta characters ready and waiting.

Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event 2 held back

ArenaNet installing new server hardware.

Guild Wars 2 has sold "hundreds of thousands" of copies already

ArenaNet comments on pre-purchase numbers.

Join the Guild Wars 2 stress test on Monday

A kind of beta, open to pre-purchasers. Podcast #111: Speed-Dating Your Questions

Bramwell and Bertie brave the barrage.

ArenaNet suspends US digital Guild Wars 2 sales

To limit quantities of beta keys going out.

Guild Wars 2's world/server transfer system explained

Both paid-for and free via a "guesting" system.

FeatureGuild Wars 2: The Inside Stories

To Seattle and back again: what it's like on the inside.

Guild Wars 2 developer has plans "for literally years to come"

"A number of high-level features" and "expansion content".

First Guild Wars 2 beta weekend announced

Try out ArenaNet's MMO sequel later this month.

Why the Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition costs more outside of the US

Would be 35 cheaper via straight currency conversion.

New Guild Wars 2 screenshots

We've just visited ArenaNet - report soon!

ArenaNet details micro-transactions in Guild Wars 2

How it "takes gold trading out of the hands of RMT companies".

Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase deals, Collector's and Digital Deluxe Editions

Buy now for beta access, Hero Band, full-game head start.

Guild Wars 2 open beta sign-up begins

You've got 48 hours to put your name down.

Fresh Guild Wars 2 screenshots unfurl

Exploring more of ArenaNet's world.

Guild Wars 2 WVW server battles take 2 weeks, maps support 300+ players

All characters adjusted automatically to level 80.

NCsoft confirms Guild Wars 2 on console

Is "in the preparation stage".

Guild Wars 2 open beta begins in March

2012 release confirmed.

Guild Wars 2 closed beta date 16th December

Candidates being selected "carefully".

VideoGuild Wars 2 trailer reveals Mesmer

Final profession detailed.

VideoGuild Wars 2 conversation cinematic

ArenaNet reveals MMO's narrative system.

FeatureGuild Wars 2

PVP tested and dungeons discussed.

Guild Wars 2 Is it Evil? test revealed

How micro-transactions are governed.

Guild Wars 2 closed beta 2011 "for sure"

Dev wants "time to react to things".

FeatureEG Expo Editors' Game of the Show: Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet is ready to take MMOs forward.

FeatureEG Expo Game of the Show: The Nominees

10 contenders from the Earls Court show floor.

VideoGuild Wars 2 race featurette trailer

Meet the technologically adept asura.

BioWare Doctors headline Expo sessions

Battlefield! Assassin's! id! Career Fair!

Latest Guild Wars 2 screenshots

NCsoft's other RPG progressing well.

NCsoft reveals first Wildstar images

Future fantasy MMO from ex-Blizzard devs.

VideoGuild Wars 2 Sylvari race video

The forest-dwelling folk.

Alienware to power Eurogamer Expo

Gaming PC brand sponsoring EG event.

Guild Wars 2 at Eurogamer Expo 2011

MMO playable on the show floor.

VideoGuild Wars 2 cinematic shows story

NCsoft MMO shows its teeth.

Guild Wars 2 underwater combat details

Harpoon guns! Tridents! Unique skills!

Guild Wars 2 unveils Engineer profession

"Masters of mechanical mayhem."

VideoGuild Wars 2 Engineer skills footage

Coming along leaps and bounds.

Guild Wars 2 beta this year - NCsoft

And a full release in 2012.

VideoGuild Wars 2 video shows central hub

Lion's Arch a pit stop for all five races.

VideoGuild Wars 2 footage features Charr

NCSoft shows their MM-Meow.

FeatureGuild Wars 2: How to make MMOs better

Designer Colin Johanson takes us inside ArenaNet.

Guild Wars 2

Wow factor.

How Guild Wars 2 does crafting

Never make something "worthless".

VideoBeautiful extended Guild Wars 2 footage

10 minutes of monsters vs. magic.

Mesmer and Assassin in Guild Wars 2?

Fans of play-style "will be happy" - dev.

Guild Wars 2

NCsoft shows off the Norn race.

Guild Wars 2 armour "sexy" by design

ArenaNet shows "strategically placed skin".

VideoBeautiful new Guild Wars 2 footage

NCsoft tours the game's world.

Guild Wars 2 Guardian replaces Monk

First all-new profession detailed.

VideoGuild Wars: now and then

ArenaNet's rags to riches tale.

Guild Wars 2 paid-for dungeons are TBC

ArenaNet won't force money from you.

Guild Wars loot carries over

Your awards are good for Guild Wars 2.

VideoGuild Wars 2 necromancer revealed

We wouldn't be seen dead with one.

FeatureArenaNet talks Guild Wars 2

"This is the most ambitious online world being developed in the industry."

VideoGuild Wars 2 - Manifesto trailer

Exclusive new footage.

VideoNew Guild Wars 2 gameplay footage

Ogres pecked to death by falcons.

Guild Wars 2 has no healers or tanks

Reinventing death and combat in MMOs.

VideoGuild Wars 2 warrior skills

Can't see those vocal samples getting annoying.

Guild Wars 2 personal stories revealed

Background quiz, free houses, romance?

ArenaNet: GW2 will fulfil MMO promise

What players thought genre could be.

FeatureGuild Wars 2

A question of questing.

ArenaNet details Guild Wars 2 combat

Plus: Elementalist class dissected.

Guild Wars 2 expected in 2011

Might get into closed beta next year.

FeatureGuild Wars 2

First details of NCsoft's new fantasy.

Guild Wars creator leaves NCsoft West

Preisdent and ArenaNet co-founder departs.

Guild Wars 2 never had a release date

So it can't be delayed, says ArenaNet.

Guild Wars 2 suffers huge delay

MMO sequel now "TBA 2010/11".

No Guild Wars 2 beta this year

ArenaNet wants to meet expectations.

No micro-transactions for Guild Wars

NCsoft explains its NCcoin invention.

Guild Wars series tops 5 million sales

ArenaNet gets excited about sequel.

FeatureThe Guild Master

ArenaNet's Jeff Strain on the future of Guild Wars.

Guild Wars breaks 4 million

Eye of North expansion soon.

GC: Film and MMOs don't mix - ArenaNet

Warns against copying WOW.

Guild Wars: Eye of North dated

Expansion in late August.

FeatureThe best things in life are free

ArenaNet and NCsoft talk Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 is for the fans

Won't try for a new crowd.

Guild Wars 2 revealed

Plus new GW expansion.