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Guild Wars 2 gets major Living World Season 3 update this month

Return like a Mordremoth to the flame!

There's something big happening in Guild Wars 2 this month: Living World Season 3, which begins 26th July.

These seasons are how Guild Wars 2 does big story arcs, so we're at the beginning of another. Season 3 is intended for top-level players, level 80, but you can boost yourself there when you buy expansion Heart of Thorns, which you will need to play Living World Season 3. Remember, there is the option of playing the base Guild Wars 2 game completely free.

New episodes within Living World Season 3 will arrive every couple of months and are unlocked on your account, free, when you log in during their active period - whether you own Heart of Thorns or not. So log in and unlock them whether you intend to play them or not because they'll be be banked for future use. If you don't, you'll need to pay for the episodes as a season bundle at a later date (as with LWS2 now).

Along with the Living World Season 3 episode drops there will be updates for other areas of the game, so if you're not into story, there should be something for you.

Guild Wars 2 is nearly four years old now, so it's changed considerably since our original Guild Wars 2 review. It's even longer ago that I travelled to America to developer ArenaNet to meet the team and hear their emotional stories about making Guild Wars 2. Bizarre waking up in a hotel where nextdoor a game of that magnitude was being made.

Guild Wars 2 is a rich and beautiful online world with very noble goals for a persistent MMO, such as never raising the level cap and never introducing more powerful endgame gear to grind for - which isn't to say there aren't plenty of things to keep playing for. If you're after a recommendation, you have one!

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