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A decade after launch, Guild Wars 2 finally comes to Steam next week

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Long-running MMO Guild Wars 2 finally hits Steam on 23rd August.

The Steam launch marks the first time ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2, which launched a decade ago on 28th August 2012, is available on a third-party platform.

Players on both Steam and the NCSoft first-party Guild Wars 2 client will be able to play together on the same servers, NCSoft confirmed.

Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam trailer.

To coincide with the launch, a new content bundle will be available for Steam players: the Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection. Priced at £86.97, the bundle includes all three expansions (Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire and End of Dragons), and all five seasons of Guild War 2's episodic Living World that bridge the gap between the game's main narrative arcs that culminate in the climax of End of Dragons.

The Steam release also marks the beginning of Guild Wars 2's support of Twitch Drops. These include classic outfits, experience boosters and a unique glowing purple mask cosmetic.

"Guild Wars 2 has delighted over 16 million players for a decade with its subscription-free business model, epic collaborative open-world boss encounters, and revolutionary mount system," said Kendall Boyd, Senior Vice President of Marketing at NCSoft West.

"By launching on Steam, a whole new audience of players who have never had the chance to adventure with us will be able to experience one of the greatest fantasy worlds in gaming. Everyone at NCSoft and ArenaNet is excited to welcome them into our amazing community."

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