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Eight years after its original launch, Guild Wars 2 is heading to Steam

And there's a peek at new expansion End of Dragons.

Developer ArenaNet's free-to-play MMO Guild Wars 2 will be making its way to Steam - alongside its Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire expansions, plus all Living World Content - this November, over eight years after the game's original release.

It's just one of several initiatives ArenaNet has announced to mark Guild Wars 2's eighth birthday, with others including a new unlockable ability for Path of Fire's Skimmer mounts, enabling players to dive them underwater, as well as 50% off Path of Fire until 4th September.

The big reveal, however, comes in a the form of a new teaser trailer for Guild Wars 2's third expansion, End of Dragons, which is currently scheduled to launch next year.

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According to ArenaNet, this latest addition to the Guild Wars 2 universe will introduce new location Cantha, described as a mysterious island nation in the south that has "been neither seen nor heard from for over 200 years".

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Expect more news on End of Dragons closer to its 2021 release. Meanwhile, those looking to begin their Guild Wars 2 adventure on Steam this November can keep an eye on latest developments via its new listing on Valve's platform.

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