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You can play Guild Wars 2's new expansion for free this weekend

Mount up.

You can play Guild Wars 2's new expansion for free this weekend.

Path of Fire has an open-world preview from today to Sunday 13th August. All players, new and existing, can play part of the opening story of the expansion and explore the Crystal Oasis map while on the raptor mount, developer ArenaNet said.

If you don't have an existing Guild Wars 2 account you can create a free one and jump into the demo immediately.

Cover image for YouTube videoGuild Wars 2: Path of Fire – Announcement Trailer

Path of Fire launches proper on 22nd September. It's standalone, so you don't need to own the previous expansion Heart of Thorns or even the base game.

The expansion introduces mounts to Guild Wars 2 (hence the mention of the raptor above) and takes the story to the Crystal Desert (hence the mention of the Crystal Oasis map above).