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Seller awaiting payment for $1.32m Ebay game collection

Took 15 years of work to complete, he tells Eurogamer.

It was probably the biggest game collection ever to be sold in a single Ebay auction.

Thousands of titles were included, not least every single game for ever Sega console ever, and every single game for every Nintendo console until the Wii.

Even the Virtual Boy.

But, several days on, the anonymous French seller is still waiting for payment for the $1.32m (£788,120) collection, a private hobby that has taken him "around 15 years".

His rarest treasure? "That'd be Go-Net for Megadrive, as less than 5 (maybe 3?) copies are known/identified on this planet," he told Eurogamer.

"But if I had to name the most expensive I had in my hands during those 15 years, that'd probably be each of the three Kizuna Encounter and the three Ultimate 11 NeoGeo AES European cartridges I had.

"I sold them for a ridiculously cheap price (which wasn't that cheap back at the time)... everybody makes mistakes!"

"I achieved my goals in this domain, having all the games ever made for my beloved systems."

A fraction of the games on offer.

Completing the collection of Nintendo and Sega retro titles has allowed him to now move on and put the project up for sale.

"I achieved my goals in this domain, having all the games ever made for my beloved systems. I'm a 8-16 bit fan. I do like 32-64 bit systems as well, but not as much as I have loved SFC/PCE/MD systems."

"But the sale isn't done yet."

Under UK law, when someone wins an auction or buys something outright, the sale forms a legally binding contract to purchase that item.

"For the moment the buyer hasn't paid yet," the seller concludes. "I can't say anything more about it until he pays."

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