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Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic DLC rolls out today

DayZ mothership expanded.

PC tactical shooter Arma 2 - the game that you have to buy to play DayZ - has today deployed a new expansion.

The Army of the Czech Republic DLC predictably includes units and weaponary used by the modern-day Czech army.

You can nab the download from developer Bohemia Interactive's official store, priced £7.79.

It includes fifteen new missions to tackle in the game's single-player campaign. You'll be sent to hunt down war criminals and quash uppity rebel forces.

Extended footage from the first of the game's new missions lies shown below. There are no zombies.

Need more DayZ footage? Eurogamer's intrepid camera man James Hills yesterday filed his initial DayZ Video Diary. It chronicles his first meandering steps within the zombie-infested mod. There will be more of his rambling later this week.

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