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Day Z Video Diary, Day 1: Friend or Foe?

In which a clueless James stumbles into the zombie survival game and meets his first player. What happened next?

Day Z, the hot zombie survival mod for PC military sim Arma 2, is the end of the world as it really would be. You arrive in its post-apocalyptic wasteland with no tools or weapons, and - if it's your first go - no idea how to get them. You're lost. There's no mini-map or objective marker hovering helpfully in your vision. Other human beings might give you a helping hand, or they might shoot you for a tin of beans. Death is permanent.

And you're not an elite spec ops soldier or mutant warrior from space. You're an ordinary bloke from Southend, you're scared and you don't have a clue what's going on.

Well, you are if you're James Hills, Eurogamer TV's cameraman and video editor and star of our Day Z video diaries. In each episode, consisting of a single in-game day, you'll walk a mile James' shoes as he learns the Day Z ropes the hard way and tries to stay alive until the following dawn.

In day one, below, James takes his first steps into the unforgiving world of Day Z. Watch as he saunters blithely into a zombie-infested town armed with some bandages and a torch. Listen as he squeaks with terror when he sees something moving really far away (and tries to decide whether to call it Day Zed or Day Zee). Wince sympathetically as he meets his first player. Will they be friend or foe?

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Look out for Day 2 of the Day Z Video Diaries next Wednesday lunchtime. For more about Day Z, check out Quintin's adventures and video of creator Dean Hall's talk at Rezzed.

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