"Hundreds of thousands" of us are playing DayZ since it joined Xbox Game Pass

"It confirms that DayZ still remains an unmatched and unforgettable survival experience."

DayZ joins Xbox Game Pass lineup in May

Along with Final Fantasy 9, Fractured Minds and more.

DayZ physical release refused classification, effectively banned in Australia

Despite digital version having been out for 5 years.

Long-in-development zombie survival shooter DayZ is finally out on PS4

Four years after it was announced for the console.

DayZ finally leaves early access next week on PC

After nearly five years in development.

Five years on, DayZ finally hits beta

Aiming for 1.0 release before end of year.

DayZ gets an Xbox Game Preview release date

Yes, it's still in Early Access on PC.

DayZ just got its most meaningful update in months

Denser forests! Ambient sounds! Wind! More!

DayZ creator Dean Hall to show new game at EGX Rezzed

And it's playable on the show floor.

DayZ forums hacked: usernames, emails and passwords compromised

New security measures are being implemented.

DayZ in 2016: aerial vehicles, predators, animal companions, more

"We understand the frustrations and difficulties of public development..."

DayZ creator Dean Hall announces new game Ion

UPDATE: "It's now about me proving I have learned lessons and we deliver on stuff."

The best PC games

Old and new, this is our pick of the PC games you should play today.

DayZ reaches 3m sales on Early Access

In only 13 months on sale.

Feature | DayZ without Dean Hall: What now?

A big interview for a big new year.

DayZ standalone now due in 2016 for €40

Reveals update plans for 2015, price increases next week.

Video | Video: Watch us play Mini DayZ from 4.30pm GMT

See the officially recognised spin-off in action.

DayZ fan's free 2D tribute now hosted by Bohemia

Top-down MiniDayZ playable in your browser.

EGX | Xbox One? "DayZ is definitely going to be a multi-platform title"

2015 release depends on console Early Access program, Hall says.

DayZ producer moves to calm concern about development

"You are not playing DayZ, you are playing development builds."

Should Early Access DayZ be in Steam's Summer Sale?

Dean Hall "shocked" Bohemia put it there.

DayZ dev Dean Hall: "I want to make a Valve in the South Pacific"

Hall talks DayZ on console and his Tycoon style game.

Arma 3 sales pass the 1m mark

Combined with DayZ sales, that's a nice Czech.

DayZ Standalone sells 2m in just over four months

Not bad for a Steam Early Access game.

Feature | Why is hardship the new hotness?

DayZ, survival, and the glorious cult of cruelty.

Feature | Bohemia's war: the story of the company behind Arma and DayZ

From Operation Flashpoint to a Greek prison and back again.

Feature | Who is DayZ creator Dean Hall?

Starving, mountains, zombies: his incredible story.

DayZ sales figures, new studio acquisition revealed

And 2014 roadmap: Respawning loot! Fireplaces! Crossbows!

Video | Video: See DayZ played the hardcore way

First-person survival horror as Ian terrifies himself on DayZ's more challenging servers.

Video | Watch us play DayZ with Dean Hall

Yesterday's livestream in full.

Video | Video: Let's Play DayZ: Bromance turns to tragedy

Ian joins forces with James from Outside Xbox.

Dean Hall: "So much for the death of PC gaming"

DayZ hits 1m sales in one month.

Video | Watch us play DayZ - for five hours straight

Undead marathon kicks off at 1pm today.

Do not expect DayZ beta before end of 2014

But Bohemia promises "huge progress" this year.

EGX | Dean Hall planning "really special" DayZ presentation for EGX Rezzed

Developer session and live interview set for March event.

DayZ week-one sales rocket past 400,000

Had a very Merry Christmas indeed.

DayZ stampeded by 88,000 people in 12 hours

UPDATE: With over 172K copies sold in 24 hours.

Dean Hall issues warning about DayZ Early Access

"Buying early will be a recipe for disappointment."

Dean Hall posts a raw 10-min video of DayZ

"Viewer discrection is strongly advised."

Arma 3 developer Bohemia hacked

Change your password.

Feature | Have traditional MMOs had their time?

And what do we make of the shared-world games and MOBAs that have risen up to replace them?

EGX | DayZ standalone alpha release: "We've set a date now"

Dean Hall presents the latest build at Rezzed 2013.

Feature | The next-generation will be open-world

Ubisoft and more on connected freedom.

EGX | Rezzed developer sessions to be streamed online

Watch PC and indie panels, live demos and developer talks all through this weekend.

Dean Hall interested in bringing DayZ Standalone to PS4

Has already been approached by Sony and Microsoft, but is focusing on the PC version for now.

EGX | Full Rezzed developer session schedule includes DayZ Standalone, Hotline Miami 2

Plus panels with top developers, hosted by RPS. Full schedule for next weekend's PC event now online.

DayZ Standalone zombies shown on video for first time

Plus, a poor diet will affect a character's long-term health.

DayZ Standalone: the first and extended gameplay video footage

Creator Dean Hall talks through some of the changes.

What Dean Hall thinks about DayZ Origins, an ArmA 2 mod he didn't make

Turns out he had his own plans for something called DayZ Origins.

New DayZ Standalone screenshots

Is she, is that, am I...?

When is DayZ Standalone out? "We don't know"

But Dean Hall feels "fantastic about the situation" at last.

Martin Pezlar: "Now I finally believe we are free"

Bailed ArmA devs arrive home to emotional scenes.

DayZ creator Dean Hall feels "huge relief" as jailed ArmA 3 devs are finally given bail

"It's going to be very emotional for everyone when they are home."

Where is DayZ Standalone? Dean Hall answers

Seized chance to make game "we all dreamed it could be".

DayZ Standalone screenshots

Tables, broken windows, man in pants.

DayZ standalone may slip from 2012 "if needed"

Things change, like humans into zombies.

Early DayZ standalone screenshots

Of fascinating building interiors!

Video | Watch Dean Hall's DayZ Standalone session from the Eurogamer Expo

Video recovered from down the back of YouTube's sofa.

DayZ standalone release this year, says Dean Hall

And gives his opinion on lookalike War Z.

Get ArmA 3 devs home: Bohemia Interactive wants your help

Hopes ArmA, DayZ fans will answer the call.

Bohemia "would be stupid" not to bring DayZ to consoles

Producer cites Minecraft's XBLA success, hints at digital release.

Feature | DayZ's Dean Hall: Rocket Man Rising

DayZ's creator on the mod's past, present and standalone future.

Bohemia feared the reaction to a standalone DayZ game

"They might feel it was not fair because they had to pay money for something that was initially free if they owned Arma 2."

Video | Day Z Video Diary, Day 5: The Best Laid Plans

In which James is tempted off course by a helicopter wreck.

Video | Day Z Video Diary, Day 4: First Blood

In which James is defeated by a hay bale, sees an unlikely bus stop, and takes his first shot in anger.

Standalone DayZ confirmed

Dean "Rocket" Hall hails "fairy-tale outcome".

Day Z hits over one million players

Zombie mod sure is infectious.

Video | Day Z Video Diary, Day 3: I'm a Survivor! (feat. Dean Rocket Hall)

In which James follows survival tips from none other than Day Z creator Dean Hall - and attempts a raid.

Video | Day Z Video Diary, Day 2: The Lost Art of Running Away

In which James meets a cow, dreams of an island paradise and accidentally dooms a friendly player.

Video | Day Z Video Diary, Day 1: Friend or Foe?

In which a clueless James stumbles into the zombie survival game and meets his first player. What happened next?

DayZ doppleganger The War Z announced

Dean Hall predicted it would happen.

Will Bohemia help Dean "Rocket" Hall build a standalone DayZ game or not?

One way or another, it's going to happen, Hall tells Eurogamer.

EGX | Watch Dean "Rocket" Hall's huge Rezzed Q&A for DayZ

On the standalone game, dogs and much more.

Video | Rezzed Sessions: Dean "Rocket" Hall talks DayZ

Huge and candid Q&A on the biggest PC game of 2012.

EGX | Just how popular is DayZ?

Plus, German Shepherds are coming.

EGX | DayZ designer Dean "Rocket" Hall to speak at Rezzed

Zombie survival sim also playable on show floor.

DayZ hackers slapped with global bans

"You just bricked your copy of ArmA2 in multiplayer."

DayZ servers infected by botnet security breach

Developers mull legal action against rogue forum admin.

The Future of DayZ

Creator Dean Hall on what's next for his extraordinary ArmA 2 mod.