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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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DayZ in 2016: aerial vehicles, predators, animal companions, more

"We understand the frustrations and difficulties of public development..."

Multiplayer survival game DayZ has a big year ahead of it in 2016. That's when it will leave Steam Early Access, and that's when it plans on hitting the Xbox One Preview programme (DayZ has also been announced for PS4 but there is no timeline for release).

Developer Bohemia also has some eye-catching new game features planned for next year, including barricading, aerial vehicles, animal companions and predators. There's a teaser video for predators that shows wolves in the game, and they hunt in packs and they're fast. Ulp. 2016 will also bring modding support and an overhauled user interface and inventory, as well as a new renderer, new animation systems and other improvements that will make the game feel and look better.

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"We more than anyone understand the frustrations and difficulties that come with participating in the public development of a game," commented Bohemia. "As the team marches along with the new Enfusion engine development, we with our community have weathered broken or missing features, near game-breaking bugs, general growing pains, cheating issues and more. We've also experienced exciting landmarks and vital improvements alongside them.

"We count ourselves lucky to have one of the most passionate, dedicated gaming communities sticking by us through the good and bad, aiding the team in making massive gains and advancements we might never have been able to accomplish without Early Access and those who have participated in it."

DayZ creator Dean Hall left day-to-day operations a year ago to set up his own studio RocketWerkz in New Zealand, his home country. He's collaborating with London tech company Improbable on ambitious new space survival game Ion.