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Free horror game Slender is absolutely terrifying

Don't look now.

Slender is a new free indie spookfest based around the meme of the Slender Man.

Originally conceived in a thread devoted to creating fake paranormal photos on the Something Awful Forums, The Slender Man was the most convincing of the lot. A slim, elongated figure with a featureless white face and root-like protrusions, he appeared in the background of black and white photos shortly before tragedies.

Now Hadley/Parsec Productions has used his likeness as the basis for a horror-game. Wandering around a forest at night, you're tasked with collecting eight notes about ol' Slendey while avoiding him. In the vein of Amnesia, you take damage by looking at the creature. The dim lighting and muted colour palette tend to play tricks on your eyes until it seems like anything could be him.

See it in action below, or better yet, try it for yourself. The main site seems to be down, but the game has been hosted by the community on Reddit (thanks,

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