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Indie Royale's new July Jubilee bundle announced

Puzzle Agent! Geneforge! Oniken! Mutant Storm! Unepic!

Indie Royale's just announced its July Jubilee bundle. It consists of the following games:

  • Puzzle Agent (Telltale Games): PC and Mac. Point-and-click adventure.
  • Geneforge Saga (Spiderweb Software): PC and Mac. Collection of oldschool RPGs.
  • Oniken (Danilo Dias): PC. Retro throwback to NES action/platformers.
  • Mutant Storm Reloaded (Pom Pom): PC. Shmup.
  • Swift Stitch (Sophie Houlden): PC. Race through a maze while avoiding walls with vector graphics sort of thing.
  • Unepic (Francisco Téllez de Meneses): PC. RPG/platformer.

As with all Indie Royale bundles, the minimum price increases as more people purchase the package. However, if someone chooses to donate over the minimum, the extra funds work towards decreasing the required price for everyone else. As of writing this, the minimum is at $5.03.

Those who pay over $8 - or their territories equivalent - will also get the chiptune album Insert by Prof. Sakamoto.

Our Kristan Reed awarded both Puzzle Agent and Mutant Storm Reloaded an 8/10 in his official Eurogamer reviews.

Of the former he said, "With its helpful hint system and transparent scoring process, it's a thoroughly entertaining and thoughtfully constructed experiment that deserves all the plaudits heading its way."

While with the latter he stated, "Mutant Storm Reloaded is the kind of sympathetic update that reminds us exactly why gamers gets so foamed up about supposedly outdated concepts. Sometimes things just work, and always will."

Check out a trailer for the July Jubilee bundle below.

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