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Two-button fighting game Divekick finds publisher, cancels Kickstarter

Still rewards backers for their generosity

Minimalist PC fighting game Divekick has cancelled its Kickstarter in spite of reaching its $30,000 goal.

The reason? It found a publisher. Developer One True Game Studios explained, "The spirit of Kickstarter is as a creative 'last resort,' if there is no way to get your game funded, hit up Kickstarter to see if there's enough community interest in funding it. Well, we are happy to inform you today that we've made a deal with a publisher to help us both finish and release Divekick to the masses!"

As such, the $32, 543 pledged will not be collected.

When asked about the publisher, One True Game's Adam Heart told us that he couldn't announce that quite yet as things were still being finalised.

One True Game would still like to give back to its community of would-be donators by giving all those who pledged whatever rewards the studio can afford. "We cannot honor game pre-orders or mail out T-shirts without taking money in" the developer explained, but it would like to give back in other ways.

Those who pledged $10 will get to suggest a "Tip from Uncle Sensei" for the game's loading screen, $50 backers still get their name in the credits and the two backers who pledged $3000 still get to work with One True Game to design a custom character.

Divekick is a two-button fighting game. Originally envisioned as a joke by Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament founder Heart, Divekick only contains two moves - dive (i.e. jump) and kick. There is no directional input. 

Within that extraordinarily limited moveset there's a lot of depth based on timing and positioning. Check out the video below of it at Chicago's Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament to see how crazy it can get.

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