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Watch Eurogamer play the Xbox 360 Resident Evil 6 demo

So you don't have to buy Dragon's Dogma to unlock it.

The Resident Evil 6 demo launched yesterday on Xbox 360 for owners of Dragon's Dogma. Everyone else has to wait until September for it, boo hiss.

Or you could watch Eurogamer play through the demo in a video posted below!

The Resi 6 demo contains a level for each of the game's three protagonists: Chris Redfield, Wesker's son (or is he a clone?) Jake Muller and floppy-haired hunk, Leon S. Kennedy.

Redfield's section begins with him, the original Resident Evil hero, as a fallen man. He's rotting away in an Eastern European bar and appears to have some form of amnesia. Either that, or he's really, really drunk.

The action then skips forward to a reformed Redfield battling through the streets of China. He's back with the BSAA and fighting mutants in action-fuelled gameplay similar to Resident Evil 5.

Chris' section.

Jake Muller's section opens as he faces the terrifying creature named Ustanak. He's teamed up with Resident Evil 2's Sherry Birkin, who's now all grown up.

J'avo feeds by sticking his needle-like hands into his victims, literally sapping the life from them. The demo begins with the pair taking shelter in a warehouse fuelled with, yes, explosive barrels. They must be detonated to try and take J'avo down. Although, rather than kill him (which is where this section will automatically end), we died. Whoops!

Jake's section.

You'll have seen Kennedy's section already - Capcom released it in two 10-minute videos last month. Part-one has Kennedy shoot and kill the zombie-fied U.S. President, before exploring the dark halls of Ivy University.

Part two has him and new partner Helena Harper try and escape the undead-infested campus while trying to save one of the students.

Leon's section (part one).
Leon's section (part two).

It's worth noting that the demo sections were included in the build of Resident Evil 6 we played at E3. For more detailed analysis, see Eurogamer's Resident Evil 6 preview, published at the time.