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Resident Evil films to receive a reboot

The evil not dead.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter may not be the final chapter in the zombie film saga after all, as the production company in charge of the series, Constantin Film, has unveiled its plans to reboot the sci-fi horror franchise.

Speaking to Variety at this year's Cannes Film Festival, Constantin Film's chairman of the board Martin Moszkowicz said that a reboot of the Resident Evil series is currently in development.

This makes financial sense as the Resident Evil films have been big boosters for Constantin. The series has earned $1.2bn overall, while the last entry in the franchise, The Final Chapter, grossed $312m worldwide since its January release.

It's not clear if series star Milla Jovovich will be involved in the reboot and the series' primary director, Paul W.S. Anderson, who helmed four of the six entries, currently has his hands full bringing another Capcom franchise to the silver screen with Monster Hunter, due in late 2017 or early 2018.

Given that Resident Evil 7 almost serves as a reboot to the games, one wonders if Constantin will inject this next film with a similar flavour of Texas Chainsaw Massacre-like southern gothic horror mixed with Cloverfield-esque found footage.