Resident Evil 4


First-person Resident Evil 4 VR adds dual-wielding

With support for teleportation and room-scale movement.

Four-year-old Resident Evil PR stunt fuels Chinese government denial

After allegations of sending cans of human meat to African supermarkets.

Video | Watch: Where did Resident Evil go wrong?

Here's this week's Eurogamer Show.

Third Resident Evil CGI film announced

Due next year, features Leon on a motorcycle.

Feature | Yasuhisa Kawamura and the Resident Evil that never was

Meet the man who tried to make Capcom's survival horror even scarier, and failed.

Feature | Why Xbox failed in Japan

From the archive: the inside story on Microsoft's greatest ever challenge.

Nintendo hits back at Wii U power concern

"Look at the very first GameCube games, and compare them to Resident Evil 4."

Capcom: survival horror market too small for Resident Evil

"We need to keep going in the action-oriented direction."

Capcom: Resident Evil 4 and 5 didn't ditch horror

Japanese company discusses "confused messaging".

Leon cast in Resident Evil: Retribution

Johann Urb starts working on his fringe.

The most popular Resi Evil characters

Are not who you might think.

Video | Resident Evil 15th Anniversary trailer

Footage from all five upcoming titles.

Resi 4, Code Veronica HD remakes outed

Japanese magazine leaks details.

Feature | Why I Hate… Resident Evil 4

Contains scenes of violence and snore.

Feature | Retrospective: Resident Evil

Brush up on your T, G, NE-T, Progenitor and T-Veronica viruses.

Resident Evil film gossip

New director for the third?

Resi, Onimusha and DMC for PC

Ubisoft to distribute, weirdly.

Capcom gives Japanese guns

Not real ones. For RE pre-orders.

More videogame movies coming

Kameo and a new Resi flick.

Review | Resident Evil 4

Phwoar, more like.

Resident Evil 4

Can the PS2 cope with Capcom's Cube classic?

More PS2 Resi Evil 4 extras

New mission and gun confirmed.

Proper widescreen for PS2 Resi 4

Cube owners may cry here.

Resident Evil 4 PS2 dates set

Coming sooner than we thought.

Chainsaw controller for PS2

Out in the UK this autumn.

Capcom polls for Resi 5 ideas

More chainsaws please.

Feature | UK Charts: GT4 holds off major releases

Strong debuts for Brothers in Arms, Championship Manager 5 and Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller

Dumber than a bag of hammers.

Review | Resident Evil 4

A game worth buying a GameCube for?

Bonus disc for Japanese Resi 4

We won't lie to you; we haven't got a clue what's on it...

Feature | Resident Evil 4

Bless you, Capcom.