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Reports claim voice actor leaked Resident Evil 4 remake concept art

As troubling accounts surface of his behaviour with fans.

Reports over the weekend claimed Resident Evil voice actor DC Douglas leaked concept art from Capcom's upcoming, unannounced Resident Evil 4 remake.

The artwork - which it is claimed Douglas sent privately to fans via Twitter after discussing his role during a Twitch livestream - purportedly shows Resident Evil series villain Albert Wesker, the role Douglas played for many years.

But the image has also surfaced amidst a wave of reports claiming to detail Douglas' interactions with fans at conventions and online via social media. There are several claims alleging inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment.

Responding via Facebook to the claims he was in possession of Resident Evil 4 remake artwork and had leaked it to fans, Douglas said he was "not hired for any RE games. Fact". He reiterated: "I am not hired by Capcom for any RE games as of today."

Via an Instagram story seen by Eurogamer, Douglas issued a firmer statement: "I have announced nothing, posted nothing, and repeatedly stated that I am not under any contract with Capcom (RE4 or otherwise). I won't be commenting further on any RE rumours because I have two cats that really need my attention. I excitedly await RE4 news just like the rest of you!"

Regarding the claims of inappropriate behaviour, Douglas shared a link to his blog where he states he is the victim of "stalking" and "defamation" by a pair of former fans, one of whom he admits to a brief "relationship" with.

Screenshots claiming to show Douglas passing the image to fans via Twitter DMs are being widely-shared on social media. At the time of writing, Douglas' Twitch and Twitter accounts are both offline.

So far, much of the reporting around the image treats it simply as confirmation of a much-anticipated (but so far unofficially announced) upcoming video game project.

Douglas voiced Wesker in a variety of Resident Evil projects, from 2007's Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles to 2016's Resident Evil Zero HD remaster as well as in various spin-offs and other appearances, such as in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Umbrella Corps. His last appearance as Wesker to date was in Capcom's 2019 crossover collectible card game Teppen.

Outside of Resident Evil, Douglas has provided voice work for dozens of other video game projects, perhaps most notably as Legion in the Mass Effect trilogy and Raven in Tekken.

Eurogamer has contacted Douglas for comment.

"Capcom does not comment on rumour or speculation," a spokesperson told Eurogamer on the issue of the artwork. When asked if Douglas might still be involved in Capcom projects down the line, the publisher told us it had "no announcements to make regarding future projects at this time".

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