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Steam success Save Room is Resident Evil 4's inventory Tetris as a whole game

Herb you like it.

Resident Evil 4's brilliant inventory Tetris mechanic has been turned into a full puzzle game, named Save Room - Organisation Puzzle.

Available via Steam for less than £2, it adapts familiar Resi weaponary and health items and tasks you with healing up and restocking a hero over various levels.

Think of it as a window into Resi 4's safe rooms, translated into 40 puzzle scenarios of escalating difficulty, where Leon might pause for a few minutes to snort some herbs and shuffle around his guns to squeeze in a few more shotgun shells.

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If you're a Resi fan, it looks as if you'll feel right at home with some of the puzzle's mechanics. To save on space you'll need to correctly combine herbs to create more potent versions that will fit your inventory space. The same goes for combining ammo.

Launched on 28th April, Save Room currently sits with a Very Positive rating.

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