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Resident Evil 4 remake demo has a secret ultra hard mode

It's madness.

After last night's shadow drop of the Resident Evil 4 remake demo (which we had expected), I took the plunge and played through it last night.

I finished it once, got my average score of 4000 and something, and then turned in for the night...

... only to discover there's a secret difficulty mode this morning?!

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Resident Evil 4 Remake Chainsaw Demo! RESIDENT EVIL 4 REMAKE DEMO GAMEPLAY
Watch Ian and Aoife tackle the chainsaw demo!

Many people reported being offered an "extreme difficulty" mode, called Mad Chainsaw Mode, after beating the demo and starting it again. The demo will tell you the following:

  • Mad Chainsaw Mode will be applied only to this single playthrough
  • You must wait until Mad Chainsaw Mode is triggered again for subsequent attempts
  • This mode is specific to the demo and is not included in the final game

How to trigger Mad Chainsaw Mode is unknown, and it mostly seems like every time you start a new playthrough there's a random chance it'll be offered. So, I decided to boot the demo up again to try it for myself.

After starting and quitting the demo about 15 times, I was offered Mad Chainsaw Mode. So of course I accepted the challenge!

You can see how well my attempt went in the video below:

Ahem... please pretend you never watched this.Watch on YouTube

Yeah, they weren't kidding when they said "mad". Enemies are a lot stronger and enemy placements have changed. There are no checkpoints, so once you die that's demo over and you have to restart from the main menu.

Apparently Dr Salvador - titular Chainsaw man - will also be on fire once you get to the village, but I obviously didn't get to see that for myself.

Although Mad Chainsaw Mode isn't in the final game, I imagine there'll be a similar experience with the game's highest difficulty mode. I hope we get something like Resident Evil 3 remake's Inferno level of difficulty.

Have you played the Chainsaw demo yet? And have you braved Mad Chainsaw Mode? I'll certainly be getting my practice in before the game releases in a couple of weeks!