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Resident Evil 4 fan creates side scrolling shooter demake

A cult above the rest.

Resident Evil 4 as a side scroller
Image credit: DooMero

Resident Evil 4 recently got a remake, but now it's time to take things to a different perspective. May I present a fan modded side-scrolling demake of Capcom's Las Plagas infected game to fulfil all our survival horror needs.

This demake comes from DooMero, and is known as the Resident Evil 4 2D Edition. It was created on GZDoom, an engine and modding tool often used for various Doom creations. In fact, the DooMero has dedicated their creation to the Doom community.

Earlier this week the creator uploaded a 30 minute video showing the opening moments of their Resident Evil 4 demake. It all starts as you would expect, with Leon Kennedy (and his lovely jacket) searching for the president's daughter in the unnamed rural village in Spain.

This, of course, involves shooting crows for Pesetas, bopping off hostile locals and saving progress by furiously typing on a typewriter. There is also some impressive roundhousing involved.

DooMero has not said when their demake will be available to play, although they did suggest a demo could be on the horizon in one of their earlier videos. Until that time, however, you can see how this side scrolling homage to games of yesteryear looks thanks to the video below.

Re4 2D edition: gameplay via DooMero.Watch on YouTube

Elsewhere in Resident Evil 4 news, earlier this year a dataminer discovered a reference to Separate Ways in the Remake, suggesting more DLC may be on the way.

Meanwhile, back in June, Capcom put out its feelers, asking for help in deciding which Resident Evil game should get the remake treatment next.

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