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Watch as we break down brand new Resident Evil 4 Remake footage

Featuring a first look at new mechanics and locations.

I absolutely loved both the Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes, so unsurprisingly I’m super excited for the RE4 Remake that’s on the way in just a few weeks.

To tide us over until then though, Capcom sent us over some brand new footage of the game to pore over, which includes brand new footage of some familiar scenes, a look at a couple of new mechanics in action, and a peek at some new features for the merchant and the attaché case. I’ve broken down everything I found interesting in a new video on the channel, which you can check out above.

Of particular interest is the new focus given to your knife - born out of a desire from the developers to reinvent the QTE-heavy knife fight with Krauser in the original game - and the ability to stealth past enemies now, which may come in handy as Leon and Ashley try to navigate through the castle and its nightmarish cultists and Garrador enemies.

Bear in mind, this was a hands-off demo with b-roll provided to us, but we will hopefully have lots more content for you when we finally get to play the game ourselves in the not-too-distant future. Enjoy!

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