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Resident Evil 4 remake has "barely any" QTEs

And you definitely can't pet the dog.

Last night brought us our best look yet at Capcom's ambitious Resident Evil 4 remake, which Eurogamer's editor-in-chief Martin has now got hands-on time with.

In a separate round of interviews, Capcom staff have been discussing the project further - including the original's slightly contentious inclusion of button-mashing quick-time events (QTEs).

The good news here is the Resi 4 remake will tone these down - and in-game cut-scenes will no longer force you to quickly pick up the controller and spam a button to avoid death.

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"I'd say there are 'barely any' QTEs," producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi told IGN. "Different people have different definitions of what a QTE is, so while I can't tell you that there aren't any at all, I can say that there aren't prompts to press buttons mid-cutscene.

"However, there are times when you need to press a button based on a situation. The whole team has been working to properly fit what some would call QTEs into the actual game."

Not all of Resi 4's QTEs were annoying. Ones where you had to spam buttons to avoid falling boulders seemed a little ridiculous. But a later boss fight which featured a tense sequence of QTEs certainly got the blood pumping. It'll be interesting to see how the remake adapts this.

Lastly, another change in the remake shown off in footage from the game's opening section: you no longer rescue the dog stuck in a trap.

By the time Leon turns up in the remake, the dog is already dead and decomposing. Brutal. This opens up the question of how the dog's later reappearance will now be treated - as the option to save the hound gave Leon a distinct advantage in a later boss fight.

"This is a familiar game, but one that's now markedly more dynamic," our Martin wrote after his time with the game. "From being previously sceptical about the worth of a remake, I'm now fascinated to see how that new dynamism finds its way into the rest of this reimagined Resident Evil 4."

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