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Resident Evil 4 VR launches next month via Oculus Quest 2


Capcom classic Resident Evil 4 will be relaunched in its new VR version on 21st October.

For now at least, it's an Oculus Quest 2 exclusive.

A fresh trailer shared by Oculus today shows off the work of Recore studio Armature, which has converted the aging survival horror into a virtual reality experience.

Weapons and ammo boxes are now physical items you can pick up. Guns can be grabbed from your holsters, rather than from the game's inventory. Leon's knife is now controlled via your movement, rather than via a simple button press.

As well as a first-person perspective (outside of cut-scenes), perhaps the biggest change here is dual-wielding, which lets Leon hold different weapons in each paw in-line with the game's dual-handed Touch controllers.

In terms of movement, there's support for teleportation and room-scale control options.

Will you re-purchase Resident Evil 4 for yet another platform? Or will you hold out for the inevitable Resident Evil 4 Remake?

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Resident Evil 4

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