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Apple's European iPhone GOTY Tiny Wings gets a sequel next week

Kiss your productivity goodbye.

Tiny Wings - recipient of Apple's 2011 game of the year award on the European app store - is getting a sequel on 12th July.

Sole brand creator Andreas Illiger released a teaser trailer for Tiny Wings 2- shown below - portraying a level recreated with a wind-up music box and paper cutouts. Sadly, no details about its gameplay have been revealed.

The first Tiny Wings tasked player with helping a pudgy bird stay airborne by descending over slopes at opportune times. Our Kristan Reed was quite fond of it, dealing it a 7/10 in his roundup.

"Tiny Wings is hideously addictive, supremely cute, and at 59 pence you'll play it for hours and never really know why. Such is the way atop the cloud-hidden peak of the App Store."

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