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Tiny Wings "sequel" is a free update

Tiny Wings "sequel" is a free update

New iPad version and racing mode.

Tiny Wings' sequel - teased last week - isn't actually a sequel at all, but rather a huge free update to Andreas Illiger's award-winning iOS sensation.

This new content adds a racing mode called Flight School, where players race against three AI opponents across 15 stages.

Also available is an iPad-specific HD release. This includes a competitive multiplayer mode where two players can share a single device to compete in split-screen. The iPad version costs $2.99.

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Apple's European iPhone GOTY Tiny Wings gets a sequel next week

Tiny Wings - recipient of Apple's 2011 game of the year award on the European app store - is getting a sequel on 12th July.

Sole brand creator Andreas Illiger released a teaser trailer for Tiny Wings 2- shown below - portraying a level recreated with a wind-up music box and paper cutouts. Sadly, no details about its gameplay have been revealed.

The first Tiny Wings tasked player with helping a pudgy bird stay airborne by descending over slopes at opportune times. Our Kristan Reed was quite fond of it, dealing it a 7/10 in his roundup.

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Saturday Soapbox: Careful What You Choose

Are choice-and-consequence systems making our games less interactive?

Five years ago it was cover systems. Thanks to Gears of War, it got to the point where you couldn't go to the bathroom without being invited to crouch behind something by a whopping red icon. Then for a while it was experience systems in multiplayer. They had been done before, of course, but we can blame Call of Duty 4 for catapulting them to front of mind. Nowadays even 2D platform games on your mobile phone have XP systems.

Mobile Games Roundup

Mobile Games Roundup

Karoshi! Wings! Dig! Jet! Puckerz!

Is it that time already? Apparently so. And it's another improbably decent line-up of games determined to suck up all the time that you definitely don't have.

It's definitely a good sign that two of this week's roster gobbled up about 12 hours of my time between them. It could have been even more, but then you wouldn't have a roundup this week, and we couldn't have that, could we?

As a personal plea to all the mobile game developers out there, I'd be extremely grateful if you could just stop releasing games for a couple of weeks. Just a couple. The 'to-play' list is getting ridiculous, and it's not fair on all those great games I'm not telling you about.

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