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PeterMolydeux asks: what's inside the cube?

Peter Molyneux parody releases world exclusive Curiosity teaser trailer.

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Peter Molydeux, the Peter Molyneux parody, has released a spoof trailer for Curiosity, asking, "what's inside the cube?"

Set to rousing music, the trailer begins with a rotating cube, before panning out, out of the earth, then out of the solar system, and keeps on going.

"Has a game ever truly rewarded you?" it asks.

"Imagine a reward so great that it's actually unimaginable."

And so on. Check it out for yourself.

Molyneux is of course no stranger to Molydeux. For one, he indicated the spoof Twitter account, which has long tweeted bonkers game ideas in homage of the UK developer legend, was one of the reasons he left Microsoft to go it alone as an indie.

And then there's Molyjam, the video game get together that Molyneux himself attended.

The Curiosity app launches on 22nd August. It features a cube that players chip away at. Eventually, someone will reach the core. That single person will then discover what's inside. Molyneux told Eurogamer at Rezzed, the PC and indie game show, that what's inside is life-changing.

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