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Molydeux one of the reasons Molyneux left Microsoft

"I tell you one thing. He's far funnier, far more daring and far more engaging than I will ever be."

Peter Molyneux has said that the much-celebrated Peter Molydeux Twitter account was one of the reasons that he left his position as creative director at Microsoft Games Studios - and that Molyneux's a big fan of the off-the-wall ideas that the Twitter parody account has become famous for.

"Smart guy," Molyneux said when asked his opinion of Molydeux during a developer session at Rezzed, the PC and indie game show in Brighton. "I tell you one thing: he's far funnier, far more daring and far more engaging than I will ever be. He just comes up with an endless supply of amazing and incredible ideas."

The Peter Molydeux account began as a mysterious parody that played on Molyneux's reputation for getting a little overenthusiastic when presenting new games - and has since gone on to spawn a successful game jam, What Would Molydeux?, inspired by the eccentric game concepts that emerged on the parody account.

Molyneux revealed himself to be a fan of the account - and also revealed that it was one of the reasons he decided to leave his post as creative director at Microsoft Game Studios and start up his own indie outfit, 22 Cans.

"And he's another reason why I left Microsoft," Molyneux said at Rezzed. "I have to tell you, he is. He was out there, and I was watching and laughing at his tweets probably harder than anyone. This guy, he can do all this stuff, he can be that free, he can explore these ideas like throwing babies into pits - you couldn't do that with the corporate PR machine at Microsoft."

"I think he's fantastic, and I'd love to see some of those ideas turned into games. I hope he goes on going for a long time."

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