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September 2018 Archive

    1. Bungie files trademark application for undisclosed project, "Matter"
    2. Here's everything Minecraft dev Mojang announced at Minecon Earth 2018 (including the pandas)
    3. Fortnite's Kevin the Cube is on the move again - and he's taking Loot Lake's island with him
    4. Google has hidden a text adventure game in Chrome
    5. How Metro Exodus uses Nvidia ray tracing to stunning effect
    6. Mojang unveils Minecraft: Dungeons, a new dungeon crawler set in the Minecraft universe
    7. PUBG's next Xbox update addresses achievement issues and brings several "quality of life" additions
    8. We didn't even know we wanted a Hearthstone pop-up book until now
    9. How BioWare revolutionised the RPG
    1. Ringo Starr's unlikely connection to the Red Dead series
    2. Now FIFA 19 discloses pack odds, the true horror of FUT is laid bare
    3. Sonic X-Treme and Sonic Chaos remakes are the highlights of SAGE 2018
    4. It looks like Nintendo came up with Bowsette before the internet did
    5. PlayStation chief on why Sony took so long to enable console cross-play
    6. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and other PS3 games suffer server shutdown in October
    7. Nintendo unveils Splatoon 2's final new stage, coming in October
    8. WildStar's servers are shutting down in November
    9. Birdo comes to Mario Tennis Aces next week as a playable character
    10. How survival horror reinvented itself
    11. Valve renames Artifact card accused of being racist
    12. No PlayStation Experience event for 2018, confirms Sony
    1. Is Thronebreaker the new Witcher tale we seek, or is it bloody barren?
    2. Epic apologises for Fortnite's "embarrassing" boob physics, removes animation
    3. FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns walkthrough - all Journey rewards, objectives, and story choices explained
    4. Batman: Arkham Knight PC revisited - can today's best hardware deliver 4K at 60fps?
    5. Deals round-up: Ebay US 15% off coupon makes for cheap graphics cards
    6. Want to win a copy of Assassin's Creed Odyssey on PC?
    7. Football Manager 2019 has VAR
    8. FIFA 19 on Switch is more than a reskin, even if it falls short of the real deal
    9. Kingdom Hearts 3's opening theme song is by Skrillex
    10. Dave's video game TV show Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit canned after three series
    11. Get 10% off anything at eBay again today
    12. Life is Strange 2 isn't pulling its punches
    13. Significant improvements set for Destiny 2's infusion system, exotic drop rates, Iron Banner
    14. Spider-Man and Sunset Overdrive share a secret ingredient
    1. Nintendo wins lawsuit against company running unofficial real-life Mario Karting events
    2. American Truck Simulator heads to Oregon next week in third major expansion
    3. Rare talks Sea of Thieves' first six months, and what's next
    4. The Crew 2 is free to play this weekend on PC
    5. Total War: Three Kingdoms release date deployed
    6. The future of GOG: mod support, Steam rivalry and problematic tweets
    7. Fallout 76 beta dates announced, along with a new video
    8. First on Discord launches with seven games
    9. Get a PlayStation VR headset with Move controllers and a game for £230
    10. Forza Horizon 4 on PC is one patch away from perfection
    11. Sony has caved on Fortnite console cross-play - now what?
    12. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 doesn't have a campaign, but it does have a comic book series
    13. If you buy a BlizzCon virtual ticket, you can play the World of Warcraft Classic demo at home
    14. Nvidia DLSS analysis: how AI tech can make PC games run 40 per cent faster
    15. Fortnite season six is Halloween themed, adds pets
    16. Saving punk from Cyberpunk
    17. Brace yourself: Red Dead Redemption 2 requires 105GB of storage space
    18. Oculus Quest aims to take VR into the mainstream
    19. Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season has been removed from sale on digital stores
    20. Nintendo says it will keep cloud saves for six months after an online subscription expires
    21. Playing Football Manager doesn't make you a football manager
    1. Professor Layton and The Curious Village is coming to iOS in the west
    2. October's PlayStation Plus games include Friday the 13th and Laser League
    3. Fortnite cross-play account merge feature coming November
    4. Fallout 76 will not support cross-play, Bethesda confirms
    5. Grand Theft Auto 5 discounted to £16 this week
    6. Cease and desist forces impressive fan recreation of the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation to self destruct
    7. Gran Turismo Sport gets Fuji Speedway and a bevvy of new cars
    8. Amazon's one-day SanDisk and WD storage sale has begun
    9. Guild Wars 2 disables purchases of gems in Belgium
    10. PlayStation 4 gets cross-play with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One
    11. Forza Horizon 4's stunning tech upgrades - and how Xbox One X shines as lead platform
    12. The old reliable Xbox 360 controller is still the most popular on Steam
    13. The Walking Dead Season One's ridiculous alternative ending is glorious
    14. Dirt Rally 2.0 is coming to PC and consoles next year
    15. Adorable dinosaur park management sim Parkasaurus is out now on Steam Early Access
    16. Xbox One will soon get mouse and keyboard support, starting with Warframe
    17. Here's everything happening in this week's Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores update
    18. This week's best deals: PlayStation Classic, Super Smash Bros, Frozen Synapse 2, and more
    19. Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood is a PS4 exclusive due out in time for Halloween
    20. There are some crackers coming to Xbox Game Pass in October
    21. Hitman Blood Money headlines October's Xbox Games with Gold lineup
    22. How Brigador sells an experience
    1. Hitman 2's latest trailer sheds more light on Colombian jungle level
    2. Delightful RPG spin-off Monster Hunter Stories is now available on iOS and Android
    3. New Pokémon is mythical, called Meltan
    4. Steam users review bomb Total War: Rome 2 over female characters
    5. Activision lawyers send Spyro fan game cease and desist
    6. A travel blogger compared Battlefield 5's Rotterdam map to real life Rotterdam and the results are incredible
    7. When did we forget people - not brands - make games?
    8. Telltale says it's "actively working towards" completing The Walking Dead's final season
    9. Forza Horizon 4 gets off to a slow start - but stick with it
    1. Rockstar talks Red Dead Redemption 2's wildlife, hunting, and fishing
    2. Netflix says it still wants to make a Stranger Things game despite Telltale closure
    3. Nintendo fans are splicing Bowser with Peach and now Bowsette is trending
    4. Finally, a Space Hulk game with Genestealers that look interesting to play
    5. With what looks an awful lot like a boss fight, has Death Stranding just shed some of its mystery?
    6. Troy Baker joins Death Stranding cast as the mysterious Man in the Golden Mask
    7. Batman: Arkham Knight gets even more nightmarish when you move the camera out of bounds
    8. Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee playable first in the UK at EGX
    9. Play Kingdom Hearts 3 and Life is Strange 2 at EGX 2018 next week
    10. Here's a full list of the 265+ games playable at EGX this week
    11. Swiss football fans throw controllers on the pitch in esports protest
    12. Dante returns: Hideaki Itsuno on Devil May Cry 5
    1. Destiny 2 Forsaken players think they've found the Malfeasance quest line
    2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider's post-credit scene was switched in a day one patch
    3. Telltale's The Walking Dead's Clementine celebrates her co-workers in this moving statement
    4. 2K customer support overwhelmed by NBA 2K19 complaints
    5. Why Sleeping Dogs is the most interesting open-city game of recent years
    6. Devil May Cry 5 has microtransactions
    1. Sunless Skies has a release date and a pen-and-paper RPG
    2. Bethesda helps 12-year-old boy with rare cancer fulfil his wish of playing Fallout 76
    3. Soulcalibur 6 online beta set for next weekend
    4. Destiny 2 Forsaken's Dreaming City was originally very different
    5. Fans think Pokémon Go data just leaked a brand new Pokémon
    6. New Sekiro gameplay shows off stunning Corrupted Monk boss fight
    7. How well does Call of Duty's tech handle the battle royale challenge?
    8. Devil May Cry 5 has online multiplayer for up to three players
    9. GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti review: our first glimpse of next-gen graphics?
    10. Capcom is bringing the Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy to Switch
    11. Sega and M2 are bringing Virtua Racing to the Switch
    12. Playing today's games in a thousand years
    1. H1Z1's PC version begins transformation into Z1 Battle Royale
    2. The Walking Dead developer Telltale Games reportedly lays off the majority of its staff
    3. Horror classic Amnesia: The Dark Descent is getting an official Hard Mode next week
    4. New Call of Cthulhu gameplay trailer reveals an assortment of unearthly horrors
    5. Bungie says Destiny 2's most ridiculed weapon is bugged
    6. Street Fighter pro Infiltration out of high-profile tournament following disturbing domestic violence accusations
    7. Monster Hunter World has launched a spooky new Hallowe'en event on consoles
    8. Fallout 76's map officially named
    9. Fortnite season six release date announced
    10. FIFA 19's The Journey begins with an awesome throwback to 60s football and some legendary commentary
    11. I miss getting stuck in Tomb Raider games
    12. August was Fortnite's biggest month yet
    13. Spider-Man PS4 overtakes God of War as the fastest-selling first-party PlayStation game ever
    14. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PS4 timed exclusivity down to seven days
    15. PlayStation Now lets you download games onto your PS4
    16. Destiny 2 Chaperone quest steps: How to complete the Holliday Family History quest
    17. Destiny 2 Ace of Spades quest steps and Cayde's cache locations explained
    18. Sega is back in the arcade racing game in the best possible way
    1. Arena of Valor for Switch given release date
    2. Ghost Recon Wildlands free for Xbox Gold subscribers this weekend
    3. Deadly Premonition director's The Missing gets a bit emotional in new gameplay trailer
    4. Win a bunch of games from Fanatical to celebrate Bundle Blast
    5. Pokémon Go changing its EX-clusive invitation raids for the first time
    6. Steam to moderate game hub discussions
    7. Zeraora, the last Pokémon coming to the 3DS, is releasing soon
    8. Legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu ceases work due to illness
    9. No plans for a Vita successor, Sony says
    10. PUBG for PC is getting a ranking system
    11. FIFA 19 in-game message warns FUT players against coin distribution
    12. If they destroy Loot Lake I will be properly upset
    13. Fortnite's mysterious rift-cube has finally completed its weeks-long journey
    14. Frostpunk adds free story DLC the Fall of Winterhome
    15. Fortnite - Tomato Town treasure map location
    16. New Street Fighter 5 costumes may be the closest we get to a new Darkstalkers for a while
    17. Play Media Molecule's new game, Dreams, at EGX next week
    18. Capcom reveals Ada Wong's new look for the Resident Evil 2 remake
    19. Devil May Cry 5's third playable character is V
    20. It's the return of the Eurogamer Podcast!
    21. How does EGX get made each year?
    22. After an 18 month wait, Nintendo's Online service feels disappointingly flat
    23. The Gardens Between review - a short but vivid voyage into a friendship's past
    1. THQ Nordic has now acquired survival horror classic Alone In The Dark
    2. Red Dead Online arrives this November as a public beta
    3. Destiny 2 Override Frequency - How to get Resonate Stems, use Sleeper Nodes and Override Frequency locations explained
    4. Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant quest: How to use the IKELOS to complete the Violent Intel and other Sleeper Simulant quest steps
    5. FIFA 19 review - the spectacular, troubling video game modern football deserves
    6. Pokémon Let's Go trailer shows off PoGo integration, legendary battles, mini-games
    7. Double Fine's heavy metal opus Brutal Legend is now backward compatible on Xbox One
    8. Android 17 is the next Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character
    9. Hearthstone is adding new Classic cards for the first time
    10. Now you can get the giant Xbox Duke controller in green
    11. Humble One Special Day Bundle live now, features Streets of Rage, Alpha Protocol and more
    12. Here's Raphael in Soulcalibur 6
    13. PUBG for PlayStation 4 spotted in ratings board leak
    14. Sony takes on the NES mini with the PlayStation Classic
    15. Frozen Synapse 2 review - sharp tactical shenanigans in a fractious cyber-city
    16. You can play Dark Souls: Remastered on Nintendo Switch this weekend
    17. Looks like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood will be re-released
    18. You can now share your digital Nintendo Switch games with other consoles
    19. Pinball FX3's first Williams and Bally DLC arrives next month
    20. Dead Rising studio Capcom Vancouver has been shut down
    21. Esports still need to become more accessible to casual spectators
    1. Rocket League's Season 9 starts next week
    2. Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dark Souls, Tekken 7 and more featured in Voidu's Namco sale
    3. Fortnite Switch bundle announced, but it's pretty underwhelming
    4. Mario Kart trending worldwide after President Trump Toad penis comparison
    5. Spyro: Myths Awaken fan game is looking pretty fly
    6. Destiny 2 - Aphelion's Rest, Chamber of Starlight and Bay of Drowned Wishes locations
    7. Destiny 2 Broken Awoken Talisman quest: Old Corsair hideout, heart of Spider's web and rare green place locations
    8. Sega Mega Drive classics to get Nintendo Switch release
    9. CD Projekt Red dates full Gwent: The Witcher Card Game release, and standalone Thronebreaker adventure
    10. Someone's remade Nintendo Labo with Lego, and it works
    11. Free-to-play PS4 hack-and-slasher Let It Die is heading to PC
    12. Offbeat JRPG classic Resonance of Fate gets PS4, PC remaster
    13. Sea of Thieves' big Forsaken Shores update is delayed until next week
    14. Fortnite's Playground mode gets a portable Spiky Stadium
    15. How pack odds in FIFA 19 work
    1. South Park: The Stick of Truth is out next week on Switch
    2. Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Tetris Effect gets a November release date
    3. The Neo Geo Mini is an impressive but imperfect way to play SNK's 90s greats
    4. Red Dead Redemption 2 locations teased
    5. Fallout 4 New Vegas mod shares first 10 minutes of gameplay
    6. Nintendo fans are trying to work out new character Peachette
    7. V-Rally 4 review - a 90s throwback that's too clumsy for its own good
    8. Fortnite's new item is the Port-A-Fortress
    9. FIFA 18 coins - how to earn FIFA coins quickly and get FIFA coins free in Ultimate Team
    10. Assassin's Creed 3 director would tear up the game's opening now
    11. Shadow of the Tomb Raider physical sales down on Tomb Raider reboot
    1. Comfortable zero-g gameplay makes Downward Spiral: Horus Station a treat for VR newcomers
    2. Fortnite season six fan theory points to evil mirror universe
    3. Seeing farther: the advert that changed the games industry
    1. Digging into Spider-Man PS4's many Marvel secrets
    2. Hands-on with the Subor Z-Plus: AMD tech tested in new Chinese console
    3. Treyarch says it will tackle teamkill looting in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout
    4. It took just under 19 hours for a Destiny 2 clan to beat the Forsaken raid
    5. This week's best deals: Neo Geo Mini, Limited Pokemon Switch Bundle, Fortnite Monopoly and more
    6. You don't need a Nintendo Switch online subscription to keep playing Fortnite
    7. EA is trying to make FIFA 19 less confusing
    8. Digital Foundry to host GeForce RTX panel at EGX 2018
    9. From GTA 5 to Zelda, I love a game with a day/night cycle
    1. Final Fantasy 12 coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019
    2. You can play The Division for free this weekend
    3. Destiny 2 Cryo-Pod Heroic event trigger explained
    4. Destiny 2 The Mindbender hidden chest location - how to complete Hiving in Plain Sight
    5. Katamari Damacy remaster announced
    6. Hitman 2 and Lego DC Super-Villains get playable demos and dev sessions at EGX
    7. Fortnite poster locations: Where to Spray over different Carbide or Omega posters
    8. Fortnite - Bench, Ice Cream Truck and a Helicopter location explained
    9. Fortnite pitch locations: Where to Score a goal on different pitches
    10. Fortnite Playground release date - when it will return and how the LTM mode works
    11. Nintendo Switch requires weekly online check-in to play NES games
    12. Wolfenstein 3 in the pipeline, says Bethesda
    13. Get 10% off everything at eBay for the next few hours
    14. Life is Strange season two continues to look the part
    15. Fans think Destiny 2 just featured the series' first booty call
    16. The FIFA 19 demo has some cool new features you might have missed
    17. Warframe for Switch given November release date
    18. Nintendo Labo's latest addition is its most traditional, and its most substantial
    19. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is coming to Nintendo Switch
    20. Forza Horizon 4's Xbox One X 60fps mode is the real deal
    21. Kirby's Epic Yarn has a new version for Nintendo 3DS
    22. Pokémon developer unveils new RPG for Switch
    23. Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch finally confirmed
    24. Transformational patch released for co-op shoot-'em-up I Hate Running Backwards
    25. Spider-Man and the question of, whose story is this?
    26. Luigi's Mansion 3 announced for Nintendo Switch
    27. New Super Mario Bros U is coming to Switch
    28. Cities: Skylines for Switch has some disappointing performance issues
    1. Nintendo is launching official NES controllers for Switch
    2. City-building survival sim Frostpunk's free Fall of Winterhome expansion is out next week
    3. Diablo 3: Eternal Collection gets a November release date on Switch
    4. Ubisoft outlines Assassin's Creed Odyssey's extensive post-launch DLC
    5. Dying Light: Bad Blood battle royale is now on Steam Early Access
    6. FIFA 19 demo out now
    7. 24 games launched on Nintendo eShop today
    8. Swery's bizarro platformer The Missing will be released quite soon
    9. Paranormal investigation RPG HellSign enters Steam Early Access in November
    10. Shadow of Colossus creator Fumito Ueda offers update on his mysterious new game
    11. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's body armour problem extends to Blackout
    12. Forza Horizon 4 is getting James Bond DLC
    13. There's an Alan Wake television series in development
    14. Pokémon Go PokéStop submissions go live and parks are fine, "adult entertainment" is not
    15. Warhammer: Chaosbane gameplay looks a lot like Diablo
    16. Assetto Corsa Competizione lays down the foundations for something truly special
    1. Melee fighter Absolver's big free Downfall expansion gets a September release date
    2. Apple's new phone is named iPhone XS, leak reveals
    3. Forza Horizon 4 demo will be available later today
    4. You must pay to play Nintendo Switch online from next week
    5. Nintendo Direct broadcast scheduled for tomorrow
    6. For the first time ever, Messi and Ronaldo have the same rating in FIFA
    7. Fortnite's PlayStation Plus members can claim another free loot pack
    8. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is coming to Switch
    9. Nifty Gone Home Easter egg adds official SNES cartridges on Switch
    10. Zero Escape and Danganronpa creators team up to launch new indie studio
    11. Bandai Namco releases, pulls Cervantes reveal trailer for Soulcalibur 6
    12. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout is like a polished PUBG
    13. New Overwatch map Busan goes live on all platforms
    14. FIFA 19 gets Molineux and Spurs' new stadium
    15. Neo Geo Mini console now available for pre-order in the UK
    16. Nintendo Switch darling Hollow Knight now has a PS4 and Xbox One release date
    17. Fortnite for Switch's video capture disabled due to performance issues
    1. Insurgency: Sandstorm gets a last-minute delay, now launching in December
    2. Zone of the Enders HD Collection is now backward-compatible on Xbox One
    3. Last-gen RPG The Last Remnant is being remastered for PS4
    4. Valve approves uncensored hentai game for Steam
    5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a beautiful tech showcase
    6. Exploring Assassin's Creed Odyssey's "BOTW-style" Exploration Mode
    7. How Rainbow Six Siege came back from disaster to become a top esport
    8. Treyarch to nerf Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 battle royale's toughest challenge: picking up items
    9. Limited Edition Pokémon Let's Go Switch bundle up for pre-order now
    10. There's a Fallout and Skyrim concert for War Child UK
    11. PUBG dips below one million daily PC players for first time in a year
    12. Spider-Man is getting a New Game Plus update
    13. Assassin's Creed Origins is getting New Game Plus
    14. Destiny 2 players expose unprecedented glitch and now the Forsaken raid floodgates are open
    15. EA reportedly under criminal investigation in Belgium due to FIFA's loot boxes
    1. Lovecraftian horror RPG Call of Cthulhu shows off a full hour of gameplay
    2. From Software's charming PSVR adventure Déraciné gets a November release date
    3. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: the first eight of 100s of hours
    4. Pokémon Go ultra unlock brings Mewtwo to regular raids
    5. A THQ Nordic Kingdoms of Amalur remaster would require the go-ahead from EA
    6. There's a limited edition Pokémon Nintendo Switch
    7. Shadow of the Tomb Raider review - latest reboot makes small strides but remains a shadow of the originals
    8. Dead or Alive 6 comes out February 2019
    9. Yakuza team's Judge Eyes and the rest of this morning's PlayStation Lineup Tour announcements
    10. Trials Rising beta start date, beta code access and everything else you need to know
    11. PUBG snow map, locations and C4 revealed in huge datamine
    12. Battlefield V beta end date, and how to get open beta access
    13. Spider-Man PS4 is the fastest-selling game of the year so far
    14. Humble Unity Bundle features $1593 worth of games and software for $15
    15. How The Walking Dead gave birth to a feminist icon
    1. Insomniac offers to patch out the ill-fated marriage proposal in Spider-Man
    2. Elon Musk's company finds a boring way to use an Xbox controller
    3. There are judgemental cat statues offering rewards to Destiny 2: Forsaken players
    4. Watch an incredible UE4 recreation of Metal Gear Solid's opening sequence
    5. PC beta confirmed for Overkill's The Walking Dead
    6. Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady job listings hint at a "highly anticipated AAA" for next gen
    7. Zone of the Enders 2 is a dizzying nostalgia trip in VR
    8. The making of Alien Resurrection PSOne
    1. Why shaders are still driving Destiny 2 players mad
    2. Nintendo: some Switch games don't support cloud saves "to ensure fair play"
    3. This week's best deals: Dragon Ball FighterZ, gaming PCs, Two Point Hospital and more
    4. Stress-testing the Battlefield 5 beta on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro
    5. Spider-Man PS4 continues the trend of useful accessibility options in video games
    6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's new intro video is a nostalgia-fuelled throwback to Black Ops 1
    7. The distractions in recent games make it hard not to fall behind
    1. The Surge is getting a Wild-West-themed expansion this October
    2. H1Z1 is getting a mobile version
    3. There's a Mega Man 11 demo available now on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4
    4. Destiny 2 DLC Curse of Osiris guide and walkthrough: Everything added in the Mercury-set expansion
    5. Destiny 2 Sturm and Drang quest: How to complete every Relics of the Golden Age quest step
    6. Destiny 2 Mida Multi-Tool quest: How to get the Mida Mini-Tool and Destiny 2 Mida Multi-Tool scout rifle
    7. WildStar developer Carbine Studios is shutting down
    8. Eurogamer Q&A: Which games should be un-rebooted?
    9. The V&A's new exhibition offers an unprecedented look into the creation of video games
    10. Fortnite - Playground, Campsite and a Footprint location explained
    11. Tencent will limit children's gaming time in China using police data
    12. Civilization 6 being built for Nintendo Switch
    13. Marvel's Spider-Man review - a classic hero gets the game he deserves
    14. Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition announced for Nintendo Switch
    15. Criterion making Battlefield 5's battle royale mode
    16. Sea of Thieves' big Forsaken Shores content update gets a dramatic new teaser trailer
    17. Fortnite Monopoly is now available for pre-order
    18. It looks like Nintendo accidentally revealed the final name for Yoshi's Switch game
    19. The fast travel in Spider-Man is touched with genius
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's battle royale Blackout mode gets its first gameplay trailer
    2. Pillars of Eternity 2's Seeker, Slayer, Survivor paid DLC dated for the end of September
    3. Surgeon Simulator transfers to Nintendo Switch with co-op play
    4. Batman: Return to Arkham is the most disappointing Xbox One X upgrade we've seen
    5. Xbox Australia releases greaseproof PUBG controller
    6. Fortnite - Salty Springs treasure map location
    7. Fortnite - Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod and a Big Screen location explained
    8. Two days with Forsaken suggests Destiny 2 is back on track
    9. Rockstar reveals Red Dead Redemption 2 supporting cast
    10. EA pledges $1m to Jacksonville shooting victims, announces livestream
    11. Does Shenmue stand the test of time?
    12. Lego Harry Potter headed to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
    13. Here's a curveball: THQ Nordic has bought the Kingdoms of Amalur IP
    14. Steam adds more options so you can hide "controversial" games
    15. Fortnite is a reminder of something Quackshot already proved: games and plungers belong together
    16. Blimey, Eve Online maker CCP has been bought by Black Desert Online maker Pearl Abyss
    17. Frozen Synapse 2 finally releasing next week
    18. Win one of three copies of Destiny 2 Legendary Collection
    19. Battlefield 5's open beta has got off to a shaky start, but there are signs of promise
    20. Fortnite adds Capture the Flag-style mode Getaway
    21. Award-winning Skyrim mod Enderal coming to Steam
    22. Sea of Thieves' latest update inadvertently gives players spyglass dongs
    23. Monster Hunter World's mighty Deviljho comes to PC tomorrow
    1. R-Type Dimensions is heading to Switch and Steam later this year
    2. Destiny 2 Aklane Dust sources, Titan Challenges and Activities explained
    3. Destiny 2 Microphasic Datalattice sources, Nessus Challenges and Activities explained
    4. Long-running fantasy MMORPG Old School RuneScape launches on mobile this October
    5. Anime adventure Forgotton Anne headed to Nintendo Switch
    6. PUBG PC update adds training mode and new rewards system
    7. There's a new free-to-play "AAA" Lord of the Rings MMO in the works
    8. GOG's Back To School sale features over 400 games
    9. RuPaul's Drag Race, Nicki Minaj and the other unlikely inspirations for Monument Valley
    10. Sign up to Bungie's new rewards program, get a free Destiny 2: Forsaken soundtrack
    11. BioWare responds again regarding the future of Dragon Age and Mass Effect
    12. Exclusive Shadow of the Tomb Raider Xbox console being sold for charity
    13. Marvel's Spider-Man - Insomniac's technology swings to new heights
    1. Pinball FX3 is getting tables from the legendary Williams and Bally line
    2. Destiny 2 Dusklight Shard sources, EDZ Challenges and Activities explained
    3. Destiny 2 Phaseglass Needle sources, Io Challenges and Activities explained
    4. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode will support 80 players per match during beta
    5. Superman Henry Cavill cast as Geralt in Witcher Netflix series
    6. Surprise! Prison Architect gets multiplayer
    7. Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine - Trials requirements, Trials loot and everything else we know about in the new Trials of Osiris
    8. Battlefield 5 battle royale is 64 players, called Firestorm
    9. Destiny 2 Treasure Maps explained - How to find Cayde-6 treasure maps and receive Letter Fragments
    10. Destiny 2 Clans - how to join a Clan, how to earn Clan XP and Clan banner rewards explained
    11. Destiny 2 Flashpoints explained - how to unlock Flashpoints and earn Flashpoint rewards
    12. Destiny 2 Strikes explained - how to unlock Strikes and earn Strike rewards from the Strike playlist
    13. Destiny 2 Crucible tips - maps, modes, strategies and new Crucible changes to Destiny 2's PvP explained
    14. Destiny 2 PS4 exclusive content - PlayStation 4's Lake of Shadows strike, City Apex ship, Borealis weapon, exclusive armour and Retribution map detailed
    15. Destiny 2 Legendary Shards: How to get and spend the valuable resource
    16. Destiny 2 Bright Dust, Armour Ornaments and Bright Engrams explained
    17. Destiny 2 Gambit mode - Everything you need to know about the new competitive mode
    18. Debunking the Spider-Man 'downgrade'
    19. PUBG Xbox One full release adds Sanhok map, but not War Mode
    20. Rainbow Six Siege performance improvements roll out with Operation Grim Sky today
    21. We. The Revolution is a horribly queasy game about life and death
    22. Fortnite anti-gravity bug causes chaos at grand finals
    23. This week's best deals: 4K gaming monitors, The Crew 2, Octopath Traveller and more
    24. Esport "killer games" aren't right for Olympics, says IOC
    25. The Binding of Isaac: Repentance announced - but what is it?
    26. DICE makes Battlefield 1 premium pass free after Battlefield 5 open beta ends
    1. Epic properly details Fortnite's imminent heist-themed High Stakes limited-time event
    2. Long-awaited Retro City Rampage follow-up Shakedown: Hawaii gets a new trailer
    3. Brilliant memory-hacking sci-fi horror Observer is heading to Switch
    4. Insomniac details Spider-Man's post-launch story DLC The City That Never Sleeps
    5. Dying Light: Bad Blood: what happens when battle royale meets parkour and zombies?
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