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Fortnite's new item is the Port-A-Fortress

Bricking it.

If there's one thing that I struggle with in Fortnite, it's the building - which is un-fort-unate given this is a key aspect of the gameplay. But Epic is making things a little easier for players with its latest item. A souped-up version of the Port-A-Fort, I present to you: the Port-A-Fortress.

The (slightly alarming) new item was announced on Fortnite's daily newsfeed, along with a message proudly announcing the fortress will "take defence to new heights". We don't know exactly when it's arriving, but it's likely to be within the next couple of weeks. Like the Port-A-Fort, the fortress will instantly create a building in which players can take cover. Judging by the announcement, the Port-A-Fortress will probably be a legendary item.

Any port in a storm.

Somewhat mysteriously, only 20 minutes before Epic unveiled the new item, Reddit user Feralidragon posted a concept for a legendary Port-A-Fort they'd created in playground mode. It's an incredible coincidence, and honestly, I feel their creation looks a lot better than the artwork for the actual Port-A-Fortress. Sorry Epic.

Legendary Port-A-Fort from r/FortNiteBR

As the Port-A-Fortress is not yet in-game, several users have been creating mock-ups of what the pop-up castle could look like. At the moment, it resembles a (decidedly thicc) 3x3 version of the Port-A-Fort. How much of a difference will this make when the rockets and grenades start flying?

Fortnite season six, meanwhile, is right around the corner. Epic usually reveals the start date of the new season in week 10 (which is now), meaning an announcement is imminent. Players may also want to make the most of the current High-Stakes event while it lasts - go and pocket those shiny llamas before they're gone forever.

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