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Watch an incredible UE4 recreation of Metal Gear Solid's opening sequence


An artist has recreated the opening of Metal Gear Solid in Unreal Engine 4.

Art director Erasmus Brosdau - whose credits include Crysis, Ryse, and Star Citizen - painstakingly rebuilt the opening sequence of Konami's seminal stealth game. The cut-scene, captured in real time 4K, matches the original introduction almost shot for shot.

To refresh your memory, here's the original opening:

Watch on YouTube

And here's Brosdau recreation:

Watch on YouTube

"Everything is real-time rendered with Unreal Engine 4 with usage of various marketplace assets," says Brosdau in the video description, confirming that he's also "slightly remastered" the audio, added in some new sound effects, and created a brand new start menu animation to "bring it to a 2018 game quality".

At 20 years old, Metal Gear Solid's fourth-wall-breaking mechanics not only had an indelible impact on video game cinematography, but also catapulted its creator, Hideo Kojima, to auteur levels of fame within the industry.

If you're impressed, you're not alone; even Snake himself thinks it's "incredible"...

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